The ANLP Ethos

Our company ethos revolves around our independence, our professionalism and our commitment to encouraging best practice in the field of NLP.

As a result of being very clear about our ethos, we tend to attract Members who value, share and agree with our company ethos.

We are very proud of our independence and our ability to give impartial advice because we are not directly linked with or controlled by any NLP Training Company.

ANLP seek advice from, collaborate and communicate with many of the top NLP Professionals and Organisations in the UK and abroad so that we do have a perspective that includes opinions and feedback from a wide range of people within the NLP Community.

We have an Advisory Board and an External Verification Panel that is made up from representatives of all the main 'schools' of NLP and also representatives from the many well edtablished and independent NLP Professionals.

As an organisation, we have a clear and strong set of values that underpin everything we do, and these also drive our Mission, Vision and Aims.

We are a Community Interest Company, which means that we are recognised as a social enterprise which exists to enhance NLP and support the NLP community.

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