Change Your Business with NLP

Transform the way your business works. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques can be applied to all business challenges.

Change Your Business with NLP ISBN: 978-1907312403

Change Your Business with NLP

By Lindsey Agness

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Capstone (1 Oct. 2010)



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Transform the way your business works. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques can be applied to all business challenges. As a leader or manager in either the public or private sectors, whatever your industry or size of organisation, you can use NLP to improve your business by changing the mindsets of everyone you work with.

When tailored for practical business application, NLP can help you to identify and deliver efficiencies, hold onto clients in the midst of increasing competition, improve morale and increase organisational performance and results.

Change Your Business With NLP is the first genuinely practical guide for managers, showing how to use NLP techniques to overcome specific business problems. You will learn how to:

  • Improve your results as a leader
  • Build an exceptional team
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Change your organisation’s culture
  • Create more effective client and customer relationships
  • Transform your presentation skills
  • Increase the overall performance of your business

Bestselling author Lindsey Agness, an international change management consultant and certified trainer of NLP, uses step-by-step techniques and a broad range of case studies to show you that NLP can deliver measurable results in business.


Get the Results you Want in Business

I like the fact that Agness opens her book with getting the reader to ask themselves the question ‘Am I getting the results that I want in business?’ – The book opens as no nonsense, get out there and do something. Agness introduces specific tools and techniques using NLP and in the context of real business issues. Focussing on outcomes the reader is invited to state what their business will be like in one year. This includes essential exercises without which there will be no progression and there may well be some pain (something so often forgotten when we make a change, it will hurt in some way).

The author emphasises ‘Cause vs. Effect’, ‘Responsibility for Results’ and ‘Perception is Projection’ and as she states these factors are often underplayed in the world and not often actively used on NLP trainings. I really like that when the author looks at modelling world class performance she not only uses Disney but also Metallica as examples, amongst other practical examples from work she herself has carried out with individuals, companies and organisations.

Courageous Conversations is I believe a really useful reframe of feedback or appraisals and also checks in on how you know you need to have one of these conversations. This chapter also includes well thought out information on coaching.

Agness also covers the importance and use of the Meta Model and the Milton Model in a business context; she constantly refers to her previous content and thus interweaves all of her suggestions and recommendations into a useful book.

There is so much more and one thing I particularly like is that towards the end of the book she then introduces what I would call NLP Basics such as ‘Eye Accessing Cues’ and ‘Rapport’ that are often introduced much earlier in books and on courses. In this context I suspect this then becomes the ‘icing on the cake’ the difference that makes the difference in all that I, as a reader have learned. Finally she also encourages the reader to reflect on what they have learned and start their own personal change plan.
I heartily recommend this book.

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