Creating Community Resources - Collaborating for COVID-19 Support

The first ANLP Virtual Community Meeting went down a treat - drink flowed freely and out of community chat, an inspirational seed was sown

The first ANLP Virtual Community Meeting went down a real treat last Friday - coffee and prosecco flowed freely and out of community chat, an inspirational seed was sown...

The (A)NLP Community has something powerful and precious to offer society during these challenging times. We are all having to find new ways of working and managing every aspect of our lives - as anxiety levels rise and we all face huge changes, the NLP Community know that everyone, especially key workers, could benefit from bite size tips, tools and resources we can offer to support them.

ANLP are co-ordinating the efforts and good intentions of our community by inviting you to create manageable bitesize resources that everyone, especially key workers, NHS staff, frontline workers, teachers, business owners, employees and the self employed can access.

These bitesize resources can be

  • videos,
  • short articles and tips 
  • case studies,
  • online chats,
  • community support,
  • mini coaching sessions

These resources can cover any aspect of the current situation we find ourselves in (eg state management tips, coping strategies, communication tools, managing conflict etc)... AND they are to be shared freely with ANLP, so we can create a series of resources pages, properly crediting all contributing members, that can then be offered directly to those who would most benefit eg the NHS, the BBC.

If we can ensure that our community is actively supporting these key groups of people when they need it most, once this crisis has passed, your support will be remembered by those who benefitted from it...and maybe, just maybe, NLP will be more quickly and easily recognised as a solution in future.

You can submit your bitesize resources in the following ways (NB EMail address for all submissions is [email protected])

  • Video - please send us a You Tube or Vimeo link to your video (which will be no more than 10 mins long) and we will embed it on the relevant resource page, with a link to your profile
  • Short Articles & Tips (one side A4) - please send articles to us as a word doc, which includes your name and contact details. We will add these to our Covid-19 blog resource page.
  • Case studies - these can be added via your online dashboard in the section entitled 'case studies' - there are 4 clear questions to answer which enable readers to understand the impact NLP has. Please ensure your case study is added to the section 'COVID-19 Support'. We will add these links to the resources section.
  • Online Chats & Community Support events - if you are hosting online support groups or community chats specifically relating to these challenging times, please add these events to our courses/workshops under the specific section 'COVID-19 Support'. We will add these links to the resources section.
  • Mini coaching sessions - if you are willing to offer complimentary mini coaching sessions, mentoring and support to individuals or groups who could benefit most from this service, please log in to your dashboard, where you can complete a short form to offer your complimentary services to those who will benefit most. Please include clear indication of the duration and number of sessions you are willing to offer.

We have been overwhelmed by the support our members are willing to offer the rest of the community during these challenging times and we are grateful for those who have offered to step up and start the ball rolling.

With special thanks to those who attended the first community social and who seeded this awesome idea - Michael Dunlop, Melody Cheal, Joe Cheal, Mark Chambers, Emma McNally, Leanne McCafferty, Lynn McKeown, Nina Robbins and Kash Falconer

From August 2022 ANLP Virtual Community Meetings for members will take place on the first Tuesday of every month at 18:30pm and the third Wednesday of every month at 10:00am  - see here for log in details

Karen Falconer
Karen Falconer

Karen is CEO of both ANLP International CIC and the NLP International Conference Ltd, Editor of Rapport Magazine and author of The NLP Professional. She is qualified to NLP Trainer level and is a Professional Certified mBIT coach. Karen is also a founder member of the International NLP Research Committee, a Trustee of the NLP in Education Trust, a member of the NLP Press Editorial Board, a school Governor and winner of Hertfordshire Woman of the Year 2009.