Published in Rapport 74 - Spring 2022

Rapport 74 - Spring 2022

In this issue, we feature an article by Tim & Kris Hallbom, this year’s Masterclass Presenters at The NLP International Conference on ‘Dynamic Spin Release™ – An Easy to Use Practical Method for Creating Positive Changes in Yourself and Others; Lucy Heary shares her article ‘NLP for Learning: Stories and Tips to Support Children Who Learn Differently’ in the Education segment; Eve Menezes-Cunningham shares her NLP Quick Tips ‘Strategies for Life from Yoga and Gardening’; Andy Coley explores ‘Creating Healthier Workplaces with NLP: How Ubisoft and Groupon have been supporting their teams’; Ian McDermott and Robert Dilts share the next in their series of articles ‘Transition & Emergence: Moving to a Field of New Possibilities’; Plus all our regular features too.