Recover your Energy

By learning about your own personal energy system and how to set it to wellness you can have all the energy you want.

Recover your Energy ISBN: 978-1904312574

Recover your Energy

By Olive Hickmott

RRP: £9.95

MX Publishing; 1st edition (4 May 2009)

Health and Wellbeing


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This book will energise you. By learning about your own personal energy system and how to set it to wellness you can have all the energy you want. Tap into the amazing power of your mind with energy enhanced NLP; recognise how your thoughts affect your energy and develop the skills for optimum health, wellness and vitality. Harness the law of attraction and get your internal team focused in a fun way on your ongoing wellness.


Great creative book to help make positive changes

As a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I enjoyed the creative way in which this book speaks to the subconscious mind and uses clean positive language. It has provided me with new ideas for assisting clients to help themselves make positive changes in their lives.

Stories and metaphors can be very effective in helping to change negative beliefs on a very deep level. Many people are unaware of the power of the subconscious mind to make changes, even after long periods of being stuck in a rut.

This book will work well alongside hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques to help clients recover and improve energy levels. It’s ideal for the less analytical/narrow-minded reader, those who are open to trying alternative methods to improve their own health and well-being. The visualisations are a great way to bring about change, particularly for those who are aware of universal energy (also known as qi or chi). It is clear that the writer is very passionate about helping people to help themselves.

The section on personal stories is very encouraging, especially for those who have already tried other methods without much success. Knowing that others have had success can start to cause a shift on a deep level.

I would also recommend this book to those who suffer from Seasonal Effective Disorder as it can really make a difference. The reader may also become aware of issues being brought to the surface and patterns of behaviour which can lead to increased fatigue. With improved awareness, issues are more easily dealt with.

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