She couldn't go through life being terrified of going to the Doctors or Dentist

Overcoming her fears and recollection of some traumas allowed her to see the benefits again and that the professionals were there to care for her.

She couldn't go through life being terrified of going to the Doctors or Dentist

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The challenge

This case study has been written up together with my client and with their approval. To protect their confidentiality, I will refer to my client as B.

B was going for a blood pressure check but every time she went it was sky high. She became terrified of going. It was the same with the dentist. And the same with just going for a check-up. It would send her into wild fear. She realised she needed to get a handle on it; she couldn't go through life being terrified of going to the Doctors or Dentist.

The effect

As a result of this, B never went to the Doctors or Dentist. She would get into a blind panic and couldn't talk herself out of it. She couldn't see the benefits of going. She just saw a wall in front of her.

Before coming to see me, B had tried some online things that gave you things to say to yourself and repeat in your head but it didn't do anything for her.


When B came to see me, she recounted a number of traumas all associated with medical things. She was now being triggered every time she had to go for anything medical.

I explained to B what was happening and that we could change her recollection of these times so that she could be different going forwards. We worked conversationally gently and used some NLP exercises.

B says it helped her see the benefits; that the professionals were there to care and help and that she could think about how she would feel after the event. I helped her 'look over the wall' that she had been faced with. She could see herself being ok and being calm at the appointment, breathing, calm and in control.

B says that my whole environment, my house, my dogs, me and feeling welcome helped her to talk about her fears, dial it down and see it in a different way.


B went to the dentist successfully and now goes to the doctors. She has a bit of anxiety, but can talk herself round, breathe and relax.

3 years ago, she had emergency surgery, although it was terrifying she felt a calmness come over her and could put faith in the doctors.

When she now has a blood pressure check, she knows it's ok and will go. It changed her perception of health and medical things.

At the same time, her father was dying and it became the focus of our sessions. The work we did allowed her to be the best she could in such a volatile situation. B was able to take a step back, breathe and be present with her Dad.

When her Mum died a few years ago, B remembered to be the best she could. It really helped her and her family. She even stood and did the eulogy - something she never could have done before.

B believes, the work we did helped in lots of ways and she now has lots of tools to deal with difficult situations that life can throw up. B reflects she even feels she is now a better person.

Yvonne Fernando
Yvonne Fernando

Yvonne Fernando is a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach who works with adults, children and organisations to help them make positive change.