Steve Payne

Certified NLP Master Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Published Author and Founder of the Academy of Coaching and Training.

Steve Payne

Steve Payne is a Member of the ANLP External Verification Panel

Steve says,

I have always been fascinated by what makes What makes people do what they do and what stops them from achieving what they really want.

I trained as an actor at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama before embarking on a career as a professional actor in film, theatre, television and radio. I did my stints on programs such as Eastenders and Inspector Morse before falling into the world of business and moving to South Africa to run an international trade organisation, motivating my teams to overcome barriers and perform to the best of their ability.

As an actor, I discovered that all drama needs conflict. It seems that life provides us with a great deal of conflict, internal and external. How we navigate this conflict makes a huge difference to what we get from life, and of course to what we give to it.

From working as an actor, to running international companies, to coaching leaders and organisations, I believe that I have always been leveraging, and helping others leverage, the same internal skills and resources we all possess or have access to.

In 2017, I co-authored a book with Alan Williams called 'My 31 Practices', published by LID Publishing. The book offers a methodology to understand your values and then align your behaviours with them. It explores the process through an NLP lens.

Alan and I were nominated for Best Personal Development Authors for the book by The Best You in 2017.

I trained in NLP with John Grinder, and then went on to study with many of the original key NLP figures in the UK and the U.S., from a number of different NLP schools and approaches.

When it comes to NLP, I believe everyone touched by this amazing set of skills has a role to play in maintaining these three essential areas: Standards, Ethics and Good Practice.

I founded the Academy of Coaching and Training to provide high quality accredited NLP and Coach training, with a focus on developing knowledge, competence and creativity, while always being governed by the principles of a strong code of ethics and good practice.

For the same reason, I was happy to join the ANLP’s Accreditation Panel in 2019. I believe the ANLP, as it says on their logo, is ethical, professional, full of integrity and represents credibility in all things NLP, and in this unregulated arena, I believe the ANLP is an essential force for good.

Steve also feels strongly about the ANLP and the Accreditation Panel. In Steve's words:

I salute NLP training companies that seek to accredit their courses with a recognised industry body for both content and quality of delivery. This provides a rigorous external measure of standards to help potential client’s gain access to the highest quality courses and learning experiences.

To help new practitioners develop the knowledge and skills they will need, it is also important for the ANLP Accreditation Panel to assess how training organisations monitor and assess the progress of their learners, ensuring that each learner gets the focus they need to build the necessary competence.

Another aspect of high-quality NLP training is the focus on application. I personally echo what many have said before, ‘knowledge without application is meaningless’.

NLP contains powerful tools and techniques that can make a significant difference in many areas of life, personal and professional; from education to leadership, from personal relationships to organisational communication, from self-limiting beliefs to life coaching, NLP can be utilized in any situation involving human interaction.

I also salute NLP Trainers who wish to become ANLP Accredited Trainers. This indicates to me that the trainer wants to champion standards, credibility and also offer the learner the best training and guidance available.

As new technological advances are made in this fast-paced world we have created and continue to create apace, I believe it is also important for the Accreditation Panel to be able to assess new methods of learning and course delivery. This will ensure that new delivery methods maintain the standards expected of high-quality NLP training, developing both knowledge and skill in the learner through various platforms/media.

I have had the pleasure to work with some NLP companies who absolutely want to provide the very best experience to their learners but find themselves unsure of how best to deliver that experience. This is where the true value of the ANLP accreditation process can make a big difference.

Working with trainers and training organisations, we can accredit those courses that already meet the standards and work with others to make the changes necessary to ensure they meet the standards.
The ANLP Accreditation Panel offers a collaborative experience, working with organisations towards a common goal.

When I reflect on my NLP journey, from studying with some of the original figures in NLP, gaining more skills and levels of accreditation, applying what I have learned and then starting my own training institute, the maintaining of quality and standards has always been the goal.

The Academy of Coaching and training was founded on these principles and the ANLP is a guardian of these values.

I believe it is a responsibility of the ANLP Accreditation Panel to play its part in this process as NLP continues to develop, as guardians of the three essential principles; Standards, Ethics and Good Practice.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to play a part in this process.