Our independence gives us the flexibility to be inclusive of as many schools of NLP as possible…

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ANLP is independent.  We are not run by practising NLP Trainers and we do not offer any NLP courses or training…  If we did, we would be competing with our Members and this is not our business model.

Our independence also gives us the flexibility to be inclusive of as many schools of NLP as possible…as long as they meet our quality standards and have the right ethics in their delivery of training and NLP services to their students and clients.

The same is true of our Members. 

Imagine a branch of the franchise restaurant chain Bella Italia.  Every meal, drink, piece of marketing, advertising, every piece of documentation is provided by the franchise holder.  If a Bella Italia branch wanted to launch a new dish that was not approved or researched by Bella Italia, they would not be allowed to do it.  That’s how Bella Italia maintains their brand, quality and place in the market. The same goes for any franchise or branch of a retail chain…nothing without approval from the brand owner…

Now imagine you are running your own restaurant or your own shop and you want to start a new range of main courses or a new style of clothing…you are able to make your own decisions because of your independence…

In NLP-led businesses, it is exactly the same.  You can train with different schools of NLP and as long as they are recognised as meeting our training standards, you can use their certificates to join ANLP at the appropriate level for the training you have taken.  You can also choose to add other skills that might enhance your services…Hypnotherapy, Coaching, EFT, IEMT, mBIT and many more that match your own quality standards and suit your business specialities.

NLP Presupposition: Choice is better than no choice.

Your independence gives you choice… to study what you want to and offer the services that are right for you and your clients… Use your independence in your marketing and emphasise your specialties and your niche.

You also have a choice to be a Member of ANLP and join our growing group of ethical NLP Professionals, delivering high quality NLP services.