Fix Your Life with NLP

Fix Your Lifewill show you how easy it can be to rid yourself of life's irritating problems by using the latest psychological techniques of NLP.

Fix Your Life with NLP ISBN: 978-0857203779

Fix Your Life with NLP

By Alicia Eaton

RRP: £11.35

Simon & Schuster UK; UK ed. edition (5 Jan. 2012)

Personal Development


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Do you struggle to lose weight and wonder why? Do your bad habits and lack of confidence hold you back? Do you find yourself repeating bad patterns of behavior?

Fix Your Lifewill show you how easy it can be to rid yourself of life's irritating problems by using the latest psychological techniques of NLP.

This is an ideal introduction to the subject, as the author Alicia Eaton cuts through the technical jargon that's usually associated with NLP and explains how the techniques and strategies used by some of the world's most successful people, can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

As well as explaining how our minds work and why it's so easy to fall into bad patterns of behavior, the author presents the NLP techniques as 'Apps for the Mind'. So, just as you'd download an App for your phone or computer to expand its' capabilities, you'll now be able to download an 'App for your Mind' to enable you to achieve more than ever before.

Client stories from the author's Harley Street practice demonstrate how to fix fears and phobias such as public-speaking or fear of flying; deal with bad habits such as shopping addiction or Facebook obsessions and even apply your very own hypnotic gastric band to combat overeating.

Readers are encouraged to view this book as a 'first aid kit for the mind' that can support them, plus friends and family, for many years.


Fix Your Life With NLP

Alicia Eaton / £12.99 / Simon and Schuster UK
Alicia Eaton trained in NLP with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Neill and runs a practice in Harley Street. As well as an NLP therapist, she is also a hypnotherapist and time-line therapist.
Alicia’s book is an ambitious treasure-trove. It is aimed at ordinary people; to make NLP more accessible and to show people how they can use NLP techniques to resolve issues and take control of their lives. I liked her writing style, it is easy to read and understand, and very practical.

There are 30 short chapters, packed with practical exercises such as: anchoring, belief change, goal-setting, TFT, motivation, swish, addiction-breaker, weight loss, confidence, overcoming shyness, fears and phobias. There is a whole section of what Alicia calls Apps – practical tools such as the Circle of Excellence and anchoring positive states.

I am not sure if someone without any prior knowledge of NLP would easily be able to use all the techniques on their own. It is a really useful book for anyone starting NLP training or using NLP as a therapist, or maybe for NLP practice groups. I probably wouldn’t give it to my clients, but maybe I get a different sort of client here than in Harley Street!

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