Relaxation during Pregnancy

At about 20 weeks pregnant I was becoming increasingly nervous about the prospect of childbirth

Relaxation during Pregnancy

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At about 20 weeks pregnant and becoming increasingly nervous about the prospect of childbirth I approached NLP Professional, Diane to ask whether she could help me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found I had an easy rapport with Diane and had confidence in her abilities. I was further reassured when Diane took the time to work out with me exactly what I wanted to achieve from the sessions and to explain and agree the process with me. I was also impressed by Diane’s thorough research and planning to ensure that the sessions would be exactly right for me. I felt that the process was tailor-made for my needs as Diane constantly reviewed the content and format of the sessions with me. 

Diane gave me a huge confidence in my own abilities. A complete U-turn in my attitude to giving birth. 

I also learnt techniques for self-relaxation that were perfect for labour and which I have also applied successfully to other situations. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to learn to relax. 

By the time we’d completed the sessions I was very relaxed about the prospect of giving birth and even looking forward to putting the techniques into practice. 

It would be great if there was some way she could integrate the process with the NHS antenatal classes and care. I think this would achieve a unique and more holistic approach to childbirth. 

The birth of our beautiful son was not entirely straightforward but at every point I felt positive and relatively relaxed, able to ask the right questions and make decisions to the benefit of me and the baby. I am sure that the breathing techniques that Diane taught me were the reason that my early contractions were completely pain-free even when they were 3 minutes apart and showed as intense on the monitor. The midwives were impressed by my effective breathing and strong, positive attitude and I felt that Diane’s techniques complemented their care.

I was happy with my decision to approach Diane all those weeks earlier and I would highly recommend her. I feel that she gave me the confidence to approach childbirth as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and to focus on the joy that came with the birth of our son. I will always be grateful to Diane for that.

Diane Oxborough
Diane Oxborough

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