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Online Coaching/NLP/Hypnotherapy 30 minutes
Free sessions for keyworkers who are struggling with their mental health as a result of Covid-19 or any other difficulties they may be experiencing.

NLP Therapy to overcome Stress, Depression, Trauma
I am pleased to be able to offer my services FREE to key workers, those who have lost their jobs (due to Covid-19) and those who are shielding or self isolating. I have relevant, 15 years+ experience in dealing with the issues mentioned above (as well as others). I'd be honoured to help and look forward to hearing from you. The therapy may be 1:1 or group sessions, but only online. Let's have a chat and see what works for you.

Coaching for education professionals
Free coaching for teachers. Help with resource anchors, strategies, goal setting coping with change coping with change. COVID-19 has changed education - I am offering FREE coaching, to support teachers. How I can help: Coaching: to support anyone feeling anxious about change. Coaching: to help any teacher who has decided they want to leave teaching and follow a new path to create their new goals Coaching: for confidence and other resource anchors. Coaching: state management Coaching: Communication

Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching. Anxiety Management.
Complimentary 1:1 Coaching for FrontLine Staff for 1 hour per week per person (max 5 people) on a first come, first serve basis. Session duration 1 hour via Zoom, Skype, telephone or Facetime. Available until July 4th. 10am - 8pm. I can help you - ~ by listening, supporting and giving you the space and time to offload ~ find ways to feel better, happier and more in control ~ conquer your fears ~ put worry away and curb the negative self-talk ~ get to grips with anxiety and overwhelm ~ help you deal with anger and resentment

Coaching or therapeutic support for individual or group
I have had many years of NHS and clinical experience as a nurse. I worked in Intensive care so have a good understanding of the stresses and anxieties associated with frontline work and key services. I am a generative coach and can offer coaching and therapy, whatever is needed. I also have experience counselling children. I can offer a number of free sessions for those needing support during the present coronavirus crisis. Please make contact if you wish to discuss, ask questions and decide if I can be of help.

Individual or group coaching for key staff
Individual or group coaching through Zoom, WhatsApp or even on site in the Neath / Swansea / Merthyr areas. Sessions would take approx an hour, or shorter if required. Focus can be on anxiety, stress, safety.... and even PTSD issues. Can fit round the Client schedule / shifts. Willing to work outside of 'office' hours and already support Clients in the USA and East Africa. Delighted to help, especially as I am new to the area. Can discuss with HRMs to determine the best approach for their organisation and individuals. Free paying forwards support continues until situation 'normal'

Resilience, Mindset and Stress Management Coaching Support
1 hour meeting via Zoom to support you in exploring the emotions that you are feeling as well as exploring strategies to help you with resilience and stress management. Many have found it useful to use this time as a safe place to talk through everything that is going on with someone who is trained to listen. You will come away with a mind that's less cluttered and some practical ways of managing emotions and / or stress in these difficult times. All session are free for Key Workers and can be booked here

Coaching Support
I am currently offering Free coaching sessions every week to support those struggling with the impact of Covid-19. Some things my clients are currently working on: * leaders and managers focussing on managing performance, managing remote team's mental health, dealing with stress, setting and achieving shorter-term goals in uncertain environments. *keyworkers seeking support in managing their mental health, finding balance in a busy schedule. * Individuals wanting to explore new adventures, ways of managing life in a crisis, understanding yourself at a deeper more transformational level. If you want to find out how coaching can help you please get in touch.

Guided Relaxation sessions via Zoom or WhatsApp (no charge)
For key workers to decompress. I can offer you or your groups guided relaxation/meditation sessions and/or mindfulness training and support. There is no charge for this service. Please be in touch to discuss your needs.
+351 927329263

Free coaching sessions (60 minutes duration) for key workers
For key workers who want 1-1 coaching sessions to manage these unsettling times. I have over 20 years previous experience as a pharmacist and I would love to help you in the best way that I can. Please do contact via email or at

121 Coaching & Hypnotherapy
Offering free online 121 sessions, typically 90mins long, on a first come, first served basis. These can be either coaching (to help you with decision-making and opening up your choices) or hypnotherapy (to help you with unhelpful thoughts and emotions, reducing anxiety & improve well-being. Also offering free online support for couples to help with strained relationships at this time.

Free 1:1 Coaching and support for key workers
Practical support through various modalities of coaching (particularly NLP and mBIT) - session duration between 15 minutes and 1 hour, depending on whatever helps you the most. We all occasionally benefit from the opportunity to hear ourselves talk things through out loud in private, or have someone help us to understand how we feel about things. This is a chance for no judgement and devoted time. A maximum of 4 hours per week, four coachees.

Personal Development NLP Coaching , Mental Health NLP Coaching and Trauma NLP Coaching
I am offering free online coaching to anyone around the world who might be feeling stuck due to any unresourceful thoughts, feelings or behaviours during this lockdown many of us find ourselves.

Free emotional support sessions
When we are emotionally strong we can react to the external events, no matter how traumatic they are from a position of power and self confidence. During these times of great confusion that can be devastating for our well-being mentally, emotionally and physically, I offer my guidance and my support to those who need to talk about their feelings, their emotions that may feel overwhelming affecting their day to day life. Acknowledging anxiety and negative emotions is the first step that we can take towards healing and finding solutions. Please contact me by phone or email to arrange a meeting.

Life coaching for key workers
Life coaching for key workers 6 weekly coaching sessions to help manage stress and anxiety also building self confidence and planning for the future for key workers . also learn self hypnosis techniques . Free of charge for key workers

Key workers - one free coaching session being offered each day via Zoom, Skype or video call. First come, first served, book your session now. Weekday sessions normally at 5pm, other times may also be available. Weekend sessions also available. Send your request by email or contact me through the website

Complimentary 1:1 Coaching for FrontLine Staff for 2 hours per week per person (max 10 people) on a first come, first serve basis. Session duration 1 hour.
If you are struggling with overwhelm, unwanted emotions or just need someone to talk to during this time, please do contact me and we can arrange a time to talk.

Free 1 : 1 Coaching Programme comprising 6 x 90 minute virtual sessions
The challenges presented in current times need no introduction. This is an offer of FREE, 6 session coaching support programme for those feeling overwhelmed who need and want to get to a place where there is balance back in their lives. We will explore and work through COVID-19 specific issue(s) such as anxiety relating to job and financial security, isolation or the challenges a lack of physical connection with others presents to help you get back into balance, feel better and find a better place to live from during this period of time.
Paul Crick
+44 (0)7584 947879

1-2-1 Release and Recharge Sessions
I am currently offering free Release and recharge sessions, slots over Zoom (1 hour each), 2 hours per week for NHS front-line staff due to the COVID19 situation - to say thank you for all the work that you are doing.
Steph Grainger

Coaching & Support
More than happy to provide free confidential support and coaching sessions, particularly for GPs, Health & Social Care staff, key workers and also public sector leaders and managers who are working so hard on behalf of all of us. Experience wise, I'm an NLP Trainer, Coach and Master Practitioner and the Irish Ambassador for ANLP. I'm also a Visiting Lecturer at Ulster University; An Associate Consultant with the Health & Social Care Leadership Centre and the NI Chief Executives' Forum and work with a range of public and private sector bodies in NI in particular in healthcare, leadership and coaching.