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Reb Veale

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Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Cyprus, Athens (Greece), Dublin, Berlin, Essaouira (Morocco), South Africa, Wiltshire, the Cotswolds, West Midlands, Birmingham, South Midlands, South West, Bristol, Wales borders & the Marches, Cardiff, Midlands,

Jason Kemp, 15th Mar 2019

Wow! I write this review because I was trained by Reb on the INLPTA Master Practitioner course which I really enjoyed and took earlier this year.

Reb has a wealth of useful and in-depth knowledge of NLP and her professional approach and friendly nature makes Reb a natural when it comes to course delivery.

I found Reb to be a very likeable and warm character with an excellent sense of humour and this soon rubbed off onto the students on the course and became highly infectious.

Fortunately, having trained with such an good trainer, I am inspired by taking my own NLP learning a step further forward by going on to the Trainer's course later in the year in Yorkshire which I am dead excited about and cannot wait for.

Sarah Andrews, 11th Feb 2019

I attended NLP Master Practitioner training with Reb at Reveal Solutions. The course was 16 days over 5 months finishing in February 2019. It was a brilliant experience and I have grown both personally and professionally as a result of Reb's enthusiasm, patience and training.

Reb's style as a trainer is incredibly supportive, relaxed and open. She created a very safe learning environment while stretching me out of my comfort zone. Reb shares her knowledge (which is extensive!) with generosity and in great detail. It is a really hands on experiential course and the depth of learning I have come away with has given me greater confidence as an NLP coach.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering Master Practitioner NLP training. As my own learning journey continues, I look forward to being back in Reb's training room later in the year !

Mark Simpson, 13th Jun 2017

I attended the Reveal Solutions NLP practitioner training in 2015.

The 16 day course split over four months was exceptional and had a significant and positive impact on my personal and professional development.

Reb is a hugely experienced trainer and able to deliver content in a wonderfully relaxed and interactive manner. The approach is to build strategic NLP practioners who not only have a solid understanding, but are also able to trust their knowledge, adapt to different circumstance and continue to develop their own capabilities.

You leave with a great understanding and so much more than a formulaic set of processes.

Reb was incredibly open, supportive and considerate - this created a great environment of safety among participants which fostered great learning and relationship building.

I highly recommend Reb and Reveal, so much so I attended further development with Reb.

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