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Terry H Elston

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Phone Number0844 057 0392
Practice/Training LocationsBrighton, East Sussex
Hollywood - USA,
Goa - India,
Cape Town, Johannesburg - South Africa
Spain, Vietnam

Rebecca Luff, 25th Oct 2019

I trained with Terry and NLP World and highly recommend you do too. Terry’s teaching is clear and straightforward, delivered with care, thoughtfulness and humour, allowing participants to relax and our subconsciouses to do much of the work.
The ‘homework’ set prior to the course ensured we all arrived prepared, ready to deepen our understanding and gave a really helpful lead-in to what lay ahead. The face to face training days were intensive, with equal parts taught and practiced to embed our new skills, which energised rather than exhausted us. A number of generous, trained course assistants supported our learning in the training room.
I left the course with the ability to practise more confidently, with more tools and techniques, and I immediately started paying this forward in my everyday interactions at work and elsewhere. In addition, I connected with a number of like-minded people in the participants and course assistants. A mutual support relationship is developing as we grow our individual experiences. All in all, fantastic outcomes and great value!
Rebecca Luff, NLP Practitioner

Josh Harries, 24th Oct 2019

Terry took me on a superb NLP journey this October when I joined him, his helpers and my fellow students on the 7 Day Intensive NLP Practitioner Training course. At the start of the course I had a few doubts, but as the week progressed those doubts were blown away like leaves on a windy day! Day 5 was "Moving Day" for me and on Day 6 the pendulum - literally - swung the other way, leaving me with the absolute certainty of the benefits of NLP to all of us and the lives we aspire to!

Not only did I absorb NLP Techniques, TBT and Hypnosis strategies, but I also cleared out a lot of problems along the way - so which I didn't even know about!

All through this, there was Terry. His delivery, excellence, experience, anecdotes course structure and content, made even this intensive training a joy to undertake. I cant remember a time when I learnt so much and had so much enjoyment doing it! Thanks to Terry I am an absolute convert to NLP and as a newly qualified Practitioner, I feel motivated to get out there and do it!

Very much looking forward to Terry's Masters Training

Josh Harries
NLP Practitioner

Paul Goodwin, 1st Aug 2019

I attended the NLP Practitioner course, held by Terry in June 2019. The whole week was an enlightening experience and the days flew by in a delightfully intense way. The whole course was a delight and well planned and executed by Terry and his helpers. I am now booked on to do the master Practitioner course next year. 5 Stars - Paul Goodwin - NLP Practitioner

Siobhan Elliot, 15th Jul 2019

I've recently completed NLP Practitioner and Coach training with Terry, and I'm looking forward to my Master Practitioner training with him. I've come away a different person, with a wonderful toolkit to use with my clients, and I've enjoyed seeing Terry at work. He truly is a legend. The training exceeded all my expectations, and I'd recommend him both as a practitioner and trainer in NLP.

Siobhan Elliot, NLP Practitioner

Tania Danielle Harman, 6th Jul 2019

Terry is absolutely amazing!!!!! :) Truly, I absolutely loved everything about his course, I didn't want it to end, I'm still missing it now, 1 week later :)
Terry is a phenomenal trainer, he is highly experienced, his training methods are exceptional, not only that but he is also fun!!! :) Its always good to have a bit of humour when learning something new.. :)
I could not recommend Terry enough, I would never go anywhere else. I have also booked on my masters course with him and already cant wait for it to start!!! :)

Tania Danielle Harman
NLP Practitioner

Cameron Bradley, 5th Jul 2019

I recently completed Terry’s NLP World Practitioner’s course in Brighton. I was expecting the course to be quite enjoyable and was fairly sure I would get a decent grip of the techniques of NLP in that coming week; enough of a grip to have sufficient confidence to the get out there and practice professionally afterwards. These expectations were quickly met and very quickly outstripped. I was surprised, and now feel very lucky to have done it. This course is an example of pure excellence achieved over years of refinement. Terry is capable of NLP "keyhole surgery" effortlessly, and his teachings whole-heartedly gives you everything to be as good as him at NLP.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn NLP and become a confident practitioner, it will end up being one of the best decisions you will ever make. This course will also aid profoundly any career I can think of. As far as day to day changes go, I now seem to interact with strangers or anyone new almost like I’ve known them for years, the response and reaction is always positive, even on the phone. I feel a lot more free.

Now, where it got very interesting for me personally here is something a bit more challenging to describe—and I’m sure I’m not alone here saying what I’m about to try to say. So, one way to put it is to say that at some point during this course something intangible begins to happen or is happening to you and continues to happen. It is something to do with the unconscious mind, with one’s unconscious minds relationship with others and with the world which is facilitated by what you are learning about as you practice programming language and neurology on this course. The different aspects or building blocks of NLP re-configure and refine you in an amazing way, it feels like a camera lens focusing on you and sharpening your image from the inside. Suffice to say, this NLP World practitioners course could also be called "meeting your magical self". To say you feel more “connected” afterwards is an understatement.

Another point worth mentioning is that Terry is a wizard of linguistic reframing, and I believe he could even help stand-up comics who want better methods to deal with hecklers (Reframing language is taught on the course and is a great skill to have). I heard reframes from Terry that encompassed all the content of the sentence reframed and returned (amicably to us, his students thank God), within one or two seconds back to sender. There is nothing left to say after the reframe. (I would love to see a non-amicable reframe from Terry in a heated debate in a pub or café, it would be potentially hilarious). Terry has a great sense of humour as well and was always very patient with us getting used to all of this huge change stuff, furthermore, he had the same high energy on the last day that he had on the first day.

I believe this course could also help high level martial artists achieve a higher level of live relaxation and fluidity through a feeling of higher connectivity as the mind/body connection becomes even more apparent throughout the week. Some might also find out it does not have to be a toilsome battle to get to those last parts as I experienced with other aspects of myself on this course. As well, healing arts that require special concentration like Reiki and Kiatsu will be given an upgrade.

Terry has a broad knowledge of different subjects and those with interest in the esoteric will even find Terry widely read in this area in a practical way, he is openly transparent on his thoughts on different topics but remains at all times impressively grounded when discussing them. You can go beyond the sky as a limit on this course if you choose to. I would even recommend this course to psychics and mediums (if I knew any) as I seem to be recommending it to everyone else I meet.

Cameron Bradley.
NLP Practitioner.

Yvette Ankrah MBE, 21st Mar 2019

I trained with Terry on the seven-day intensive NLP Practitioner course and it was a truly amazing experience. Learning online gives you a good grounding in the topic but the practical element is transformational. Terry and his team provide a supportive environment which accelerated the learning. I have already implemented the knowledge in my personal life and am using it to transform my coaching practice.

Linda Hamilton-Ross, 18th Feb 2019

Terry is an NLP trainer extraordinaire. There is something of himself that he puts into his courses that makes an enormous difference. It's impossible to identify what exactly it is but then I feel if we could name it or bottle it we might lose the magic of it.
He's confident in his knowledge, ability, understanding and experience so you don't get a one size fits all course syllabus. You are taught what Terry believes to be special, not just useful. His masterful command of the learning space draws out of every student behaveiour beyond what we normally ask of ourselves.
I wouldn't go to anyone else for NLP learning. Never. Once experienced forever attached.

Darren Diprose, 11th Feb 2019

I worked with Terry recently when qualifying as a NLP practitioner. His ability to hold himself in the present and create a safe space for within which change can occur is incredible. He touched me on a deep level and i felt like i had experienced a change on a fundamental level which has transformed me. He is an incredible trainer and practitioner and anyone who is looking to work with him is very lucky indeed.

Amanda Burbidge, 10th Feb 2019

Having recently completed the 7 intensive days in NLP training with Terry, I can truly say the learning has been transformational for me. Additionally this learning has been integrated into my private practice to great effect, particularly the coaching and Hypnotherapy aspects, which have enabled a number of clients to move forward in life enhancing ways. Many thanks Terry.

Mrs Amanda Burbidge.
NLP Practitioner.

Matt Price, 1st Feb 2019

I recently completed the nlp practitioner course with Terry and NLP World. Let's just say it's been one of the most transformational seven days I've ever experienced.
Admittedly, at times it was tough though, to break through and achieve not just a certificate, but also a new way of being has been worth a thousamd times more than the cost of the course.
What's more, I now have gained the skills to assist others on their journey and that is such an honour.
Thank you Terry and team. I look forward to learning from you all on the master practitioner course.

Lynne Plaza, 22nd Aug 2018

Initially I enrolled on Terry's NLP practitioner course for personal gain, having followed links and read many excellent reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed the pre-course online work, which challenged my thinking even before I attended the course.

Throughout the week, it became more and more evident just how life-changing the experience was becoming for me and the other attendees. With Terry's expert training, guidance and encouragement from the amazing team, I not only underwent personal paradigm shifts, but also, and more importantly, I began to feel compelled to use these newfound skills to help others.

Terry's compassion and energy throughout the training was tangible; we soon became immersed fully into the programme and eager to work with each other, with mutual trust quickly established.

Terry's training was superb: all encompassing, taking each of us through an emotional journey, and empowering us individually to go on to make positive changes in our lives.

Lynne Plaza
NLP Practitioner

Kate Ryley, 12th May 2018

I recently attended the 7 day Practitioner course and I didn''t want it to end! I loved Terry's relaxed, engaging, passionate, fun method of teaching and I was in awe of the inspiring NLP and hypnotherapy talent he demonstrated to us all throughout the week.

The course was so much more than I'd expected (the manual is really just the start) because Terry taught us everything we needed to practice NLP successfully - the detail of what really works and also what does not, with an emphasis on ensuring that we left the week with usable, practical skills in place.

I cannot overstate the life-changing nature of the personal transformations I experienced and also how good it felt to facilitate breakthroughs for others during our practice sessions - it is amazing stuff!

Terry and the whole team from NLP World are masters of their craft, supportive, professional and caring - truly lovely people. After the course, I immediately signed up for the Master's training and it can't come soon enough!

Kate Ryley
NLP Coach & Practitioner

Kelly Pang Oke, 9th May 2018

I’d done a lot of research before parting with my hard earned cash. I’m so glad I made this investment. The NLP Practitioner course with Terry at NLP World has changed my life! I’ve busted personal limiting beliefs and now have the skills and qualifications to help others shoot for the moon.

The online pre-requisite training is of the highest quality in terms of visual, audio and content. Terry is knowledgeable, experienced, engaging and funny! I found myself wanting to stay up late to move on to the next unit most nights.

The 7 day classroom training is very well structured; mixture of teaching delivery by Terry, demonstration and then practice. Our class size was 10 delegates, which allowed for everyone to have personal engagement and ask questions at any time. Great teaching assistants also supported us and the training manuals are spot on! It helps that all delegates must have completed the online training and passed the tests so we were at a similar level of understanding and commitment before attending.

I’ve met some amazing people and made lifelong friends. I’m so happy to be part of the NLP World Family and recommend the training as well as Terry’s expertise to everyone!

Kelly Pang Oke
NLP Practitioner

Fiona Stimson, 8th May 2018

Well what can I say, I took the NLP Master Practitioner Course with Terry in March and it was phenomenal!
I have always taken a keen interest in self development and was really excited about what Terry offered, from the get go he was warm, welcoming and as I said to him at the time, he really had the 'human touch' compared to all the other providers. He was really interested in what I was looking for and needed as outcomes for my learning.
The course material was great and it all interlinked in a truly special way, my brain just sucked it all in and I experienced such powerful transformation, learning a lot about myself and others, I am truly thankful and it has led to many more exciting opportunities as a result.
I am looking forward to continuing my journey of mastery with Terry and would thoroughly recommend him as someone with a great deal of integrity, a great trainer, presenter and inspiring human being.
All in all, a fabulous experience- thanks Terry!

Benjamin Morton, 2nd Apr 2018

When I think of Terry I smile.

A great trainer, a great teacher and a great mentor.

I had the privelage of spending a week with Terry on one of his practitioner courses and like all attendees had a wonderful time a proper course that was enjoyed by everyone.

His knowledge and teachings are second to none.

if you are looking for a trainer or coach for your business or personally then look no further.

Benjamin Morton
Marvellous Mindset Ltd

Simon Walker, 21st Mar 2018

Terry's training is the best training I have ever been on. His attention to detail, flow and pacing in the classroom and inclusivity of absolutely everyone makes for a magical environment where change inevitably happens. I consider Terry's training as more than just personal development - it is life changing development. His support at every step of the way is faultless, his materials exceptional and his knowledge incredible! I have successfully changed careers and could not have done it without the excellent training that I have received. His examples and work in the classroom have been an absolute privilege to be a part of.

Simon Walker
NLP Master Practitioner

Simon Knight, 21st Mar 2018

Terry is a wonderful and special individual. He helped me reshape and empower my Life again, even more than i could expect. His passion, Love, Attention to individuals is incredible. I felt completely Loved, taken care and respected during both Practitioner and Master Prac. His knowledge stretches far beyond the limits of labels and qualifications and he is able to transfer any concept and knowledge in the best possible way for the person he is talking to or working with. He is also a very lovable individual. I feel very blessed for the opportunity of meeting him! Great indeed! :)

Lenka Hanzelova, 20th Mar 2018

I have attended the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training with Terry and NLP World. The training Terry offers is absolutely fantastic, it is an experiential training that offers wider variety of topics and prepares practitioners really well for working with clients. We have covered a great variety of topics which means I can choose to work in any niche area in the future.
The courses also cover Time Line, Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Regression and much more which I found absolutely fantastic as I can use these techniques with clients according to requirements.

I not only learned a lot, I also had an amazing time on both courses and due to the small groups that the courses consisted of I got to know everyone very closely and I created some great new friendships.

Terry is a very experienced trainer and practitioner. He loves to share his knowledge and support others in their growth. I would recommend his training to anyone who is looking for a high quality training with trainer with deep expertise in the field.

Martin Pavion, 6th Feb 2018

I recently completed my practitioner training with Terry and I credit him personally responsible for the most transformative week of my life.

It's very obvious that Terry takes great pride in his trainings and he over-delivers on every aspect of his course. He's passionate, energetic, has infinite patience and has a great sense of humour. This makes him incredibly effective as a trainer.

Terry is a real-world NLP enthusiast. He notes when NLP has shortfalls, he strives to build on the traditional theories and he has decades of experience to share what techniques actually work (and those that don't).

I left the training with every question answered, a deep understanding of the ethos of NLP and a clearer sense of myself and of my world.

Justine A. C. Whyte, 22nd Nov 2017

Meeting Terry and doing my training and accreditation through him has been positively life changing. A man with integrity and profound awareness, to use a metaphor, Terry is a most excellent gardener!
He knew exactly which nutrients each specific plant needed, how much to give and for how long. He held a secure and energised space constantly which allowed the whole garden to bloom beautifully and his continued support and input after the course has been invaluable in allowing the new roots to grow deeper and stronger.

Thank you Terry! You are a most excellent being and I am so very happy my path led me to you and the NLP World.

Yolande Coetzer, 21st Nov 2017

I have never been on a training course that is run so professionally and thoroughly as the NLP practitioner's course presented by Terry. I have attended many professional development courses over the years and have always felt that I could have read the info in the luxury of my home. Not so with Terry! He truly gives of himself during every second and hour of presenting the course. He does not simply relay info to others mechanically, he is an active participant in the life worlds of EVERYONE attending the course. Not only have I learned the art of become a great NLP practitioner, I have experienced deep healing within myself. Terry is a master in the art of NLP and the training thereof. He also is an authentic soul who cares deeply about the well being of people.

How would I rate Terry's work? It's PRICELESS!
Thank you Terry!

Yusuf Mohamed , 20th Nov 2017

Hi all

I met Terry in November on a 7 day training course. His professional hearty approach has made it easy for members to build rapport. Respecting all the members and working with us professional and motivating us positively. He would always say.. No such thing as failure only feedback. Terry' NLP course was life changing and I could feel a shift in me. More importantly others can see a shift in me. I think differently too - Not to be hard on myself nor others.

Thank you Terry

Your newly found son from Cape Town. Send my regards to Grandpa.

Yusuf Mohamed
Certified NLP Practitioner

Keith Monk, 9th Nov 2017

I recently completed a 7 day practitioner course with Terry in Brighton. The course was fantastic and more than I could of asked for.
Terry is a special person who is kind, caring, positive and the list goes on. Terry has become a role model in my life.
I have booked onto the Master practitioner course and Trainers course and hope to gain the skills to be as life changing to others as Terry is.
I highly recommend Terry to all!!

Rick Senley, 14th Aug 2017

A week's NLP training with Terry has proved invaluable to my self awareness and personal growth, both in and out of the training room. I now hope to use my new found skills to help others on their own path of discovery

Angeliki Viachou, 10th Aug 2017

Terry's training exceeded my expectations. I experienced a week of very strong emotions, deep search and findings that often left me speechless. It was very well organised and the atmosphere was a family one. I have greatly appreciated all the opportunities we were given to practice on the spot all the techniques presented and I think that made the big difference! Thanks Terry for this unique experience!

Lucinda Dawes, 4th Aug 2017

I recently completed Terry's 7 Day practitioner course in Brighton and I loved every minute of it.

The course itself was well organised, well structured and easy to follow. I already had some basic knowledge of NLP from books but I learned so much here.

The combination of resources, teaching and actual practical learning time really helped me to fully grasp the concepts and techniques and by the end of the week I felt confident in my ability to start practicing with clients.

Terry is an excellent teacher. He is knowledgeable, patient, attentive and he explains things very well, making it easy to grasp even complex ideas.

Since completing the course I have already taken on clients and integrated my learnings into my business and also my parenting!

I have already booked on to Terry's Master Practitioner course next year - I can't wait!

Daniel Clark, 13th Jul 2017

I would like to write an accurate review for Terry,
however An entire page of words could not even begin to describe the impact on the trajectory of my personal development meeting and training with Terry has had.

Terry is a fantastic Trainer and a master of his trade with deep wisdom and heart centred integrity.
Terry has passion for taking the time and care needed to connect with every one of his students and craft his words to assist them best on their journey of development.

Do not book on to one of Terry's courses if you want to hide in the back of a seminar and take notes.
You will learn NLP by experience as you shed away the layers that have been holding you back.

Inspirational and profound. your life will change.

Daniel Clark
NLP Master Practitioner

Alison Prangnell, 19th Feb 2017

I attended Terry's 7-day practitioner training in Brighton. Terry's passion for his subject and talent for teaching are a powerful combination. It is the best investment I have made in terms of both my personal development and my coaching skills. Terry has great empathy, is generous with his time and insight and has a great sense of humour too. I heartily recommend him to others considering his training.

Dov Stern, 4th Dec 2016

I recently attended the 7 day NLP Practitioner course with Terry in Cape Town, South Africa. What an experience its was full of those "wow" moments. Terry has a magical way of creating an environment that allowed me to be fully immersed into the learning and application of NLP. I left the course feeling clear about the direction of my life and cant wait for the journey ahead.
Thank you Terry it was a wild, fun and exciting ride that i would recommend to anyone.

Monica Sima, 4th Nov 2016

The 7 days of training Terry facilitated was an intelligent combination of theoretical knowledge, demonstrations, practice and constructive feedback, space for reflection, inspiring stories, metaphors, humor and fun.

Terry put his passion, energy and commitment to create a supportive environment where I just felt at ease to explore, to push my limits, to use my creativity and reconnect with my Self.

I am grateful for having such an amazing opportunity and I definitely recommend NLP Practitioner training to anyone willing to develop herself/himself and to gain confidence in applying the powerful tools of NLP.

Monica Sima
NLP Practitioner

Lisa Caddick, 10th Aug 2016

Terry was recommended to me by an internationally successful coach as "The" NLP trainer to learn from - and I'm very glad I acted on this recommendation and signed up with him.

Terry's depth of understanding of NLP is clear in every moment in the training room, and he is able to masterfully teach this to all who are ready to take it on. His training provides a beautiful balance between the technical syllabus of the subject matter coupled with a visceral experience of the energetic influence - resulting in a blend of eduction at multiple levels.

Terry's comprehensive training has enabled me to take on the practises with ease, and instilled a confidence in me that has led to me being a very effective coach.

I highly recommend him to anyone serious about starting or continuing their understanding of NLP.

Nada Abbas, 4th Aug 2016

Terry is professional in making someone stretch far out of their comfort zone to discover what change could bring to their world. You are always more than you think you are if you are taking training with Terry

Corrine Samaras, 3rd Aug 2016

Terry is truly an inspiring Trainer, his skill in engaging the group was outstanding and it was visually appealing and well designed giving me a greater understanding and knowledge in the art of communication enabling me to have the confidence to deliver and share that knowledge with clients.

Corrine Samaras
NLP Practitioner

Akash Patel, 27th Jul 2016

Terry is an outstanding trainer. His experience and knowledge priceless. The course will enable you to work/live confidently, with assured quality and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone!

Akash Patel
NLP Practitioner

Natalie Rea, 16th May 2016

Terry is true expert who operates with highest levels of integrity at all times. I had high expectations of Terry's training and he managed to exceed them with ease. I found myself engaged at every moment during the training and he took complex theories and topics and made them simple to absorb and apply.

I had not anticipated the personal transformation that I was going to experience, the training has empowered me, inspired me and provided life changing techniques and mind management solutions that make my aspirations possible and enable me to transform others.

I love self development and I have spent thousands on my study and development however Terry's NLP Practitioner course was the best investment I have ever made.

In addition to his credibility, knowledge and inspirational abilities, he is genuine, kind, welcoming and facilitated a great training atmosphere that was fun and empowering. Terry has a unique versatility to be able to communicate at such a deep level and adjust to the needs of everyone in his training room.

A wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone!!!

Natalie Rea

Lukasz Gardecki, 11th May 2016

Hello. I had pleasure working with Terry and the expirience of it was outstanding. His Knowledge infused with Strong Personal Presence give you a sense that you know that you are safe 'working' with him, both in a co-operation and as client. Definitely you can tell that experience in the 'field' matters after working with Terry.
plus it was so much fun, i can't even start to describe. Results and Fun, what else do you need?

Lukasz Gardecki
NLP Practitioner

Wesley Peter Kew, 24th Mar 2016

7 all seemed to quick...Its seems so cliche to say "it changed my life" however...following this course i was made aware of how i had been limiting myself in so many ways. Terry has a seemingly endless supply of patience and compassion even when being inundated with close-minded-arguments. I found myself often in awe and wanting to model Terry's approach, understanding, compassion and knowledge. I very much look forward to doing the master practitioner course with Terry in the very near future!

Francesca Berti-Gasparre, 21st Mar 2016

I would really like to thank Terry for the professional manner in which he took the classes.

He always went the extra mile and gave me constructive feedback on questions, or suggestions, clarification on a technique that I was applying in a session.

Terry was empathetic and conducted his lessons with the highest regard towards his students.

I would highly recommend Terry for giving me a new outlook to life; one which will carry me forward on the road to achieving wonderful results with NLP.
Thank you Terry!

Jacobus Rossouw, 23rd Feb 2016

In November 2015 I had the good fortune to attend NLP Practitioner training presented by Terry Elston. While I had great expectations of the training these expectations were exceeded in every regard.

Terry's focus, passion and enjoyment of the material was infectious. Throughout the 7 days of training his attention never wavered. Several of the other students remarked that it felt, throughout the course, as if Terry was speaking to them personally, directly. This was my experience too, and to make a fairly large class (13 attendees) all feel as if they were receiving personal attention is an extraordinary skill.

During the course we dealt with many difficult scenarios and Terry's empathy and kindness made even the most emotionally difficult learnings manageable and enjoyable.

Terry's training literally changed me and, consequently, my life, for the better.

Cobus Rossouw
NLP Practitioner

Rosie Hall, 7th Apr 2015

Last summer I went on to the NLP practitioner course, designed an run by Terry. I hoped I would learn lots and gain some tools for personal growth. I did not imagine that it would change my life in such an astounding way.

As a trainer Terry gave 100% of himself throughout the 7 days. He did not tire nor lose enthusiasm or focus. I don't know how he did it but I did not lose my concentration at all during those 7 days, and I am a day dreamer! So much of all I learnt I use in my daily life and within my work. I am hooked and want to continue to learn more and more and will have to return to Terry's course's.

As for personal development I was lucky enough to experience first hand Terry as a practitioner. He demonstrated to the group the time line technique on me. What I experienced what amazing, the 'weight' I had been carrying was released and since that time I have been happier and able to engage in life like I had never done before. I still feel this way nearly a year on. Thank you Terry!

Jake Coles, 24th Oct 2014

Terry took an NLP Practitioner Course that I was on in Brighton, October '14.

The benefits that all aspects of my life have received simply can't be measured. I have nothing but overwhelming gratitude for his exemplary training style, content and delivery.

Terry would seem to be the gift that keeps on giving, small pearls of wisdom cropping up on social media, emails and follow ups full of help and service.

He comes thoroughly recomended.

- Jake Coles

Peter Trenholme, 23rd Jul 2014

I attended the NLP Practitioner training held in Brighton from 14th to 20th June 2014.
The whole experience was extremely rewarding. I have been on many training courses and this was delivered in a completely professional manner throughout. The traiining moved me out of my comfort zone and challenged me all the way. I felt completely confident under the supervision and guidance of Terry and he was able to deliver both an experiential and skills and knowledge based training. I learnt a lot ... about NLP, about the techniques and underpinning philosophy and more importantly about myself.
I also feel that the course has enabled me to take my coaching skills to another higher level and in order to achieve this I needed both a skill/knowledg shift and personal shift, all provided through the learning experience.
I would recommend the course and Terry as the director and trainer with no reservations.
Many thanks to Terry, the other group members and the supporters who ensured we all had an incredible learning experience.

Deborah Burr, 11th Jul 2014

I have been on many training courses in the past but I have never been on one as brilliant as the NLP World Practitioner course. Terry has a undeniable passion to pass on his knowledge to his students and really takes their learning personally. He was always on hand to answer any questions we had, however big or small. As a result of going on this course, I feel my life has changed 100% for the better. The knowledge I have acquired has not only helped me personally, but the people I am now helping too. Thank you Terry for your continued advise and support , you are an inspiration!

I highly recommend Terry Elston and The NLP World Practitioner Course!

Deborah Burr
NLP Practitioner

Leanne Heavens, 10th Jul 2014

Terry is an incredible person to work with. His passion, commitment and dedication to each soul is brilliant, I love his approach to training, teaching us how to get the best out of ourselves and he is never far away when you need a helping hand. If you want to change your life, this is your man!

Kylie Wilson, 5th Jun 2014

Terry is the full package comprising of empathy, intelligence, experience, expertise, and personality. He carries himself in such a positive manner that it becomes infectious to those around him. Terry is a fantastic trainer and master in NLP, hypnosis and time-based techniques. I am thrilled to have met and been trained by Terry!

Kylie Wilson
Cape Town, South Africa

Monique Strydom, 22nd May 2014

Oh what a trainer! Not to be recommended as trainer but commanded for as a trainer. A hands-on person with his own personal training techniques to keep it fun but unforgettable. A master wordsmith, passionate, energetic and humble.
Monique Strydom
Life Coach
Welkom, Freestate, South Africa

Sue Reid, 20th Nov 2013

I strongly recommend Terry Elston as a trainer. He makes learning fun & you know that he truly cares about his subject. I took the NLP Practitioner course and have now signed up for the Masters. Terry has given me the confidence to set up my own business.

Maggie Irwin, 5th Nov 2013

I have recently been in Brighton with Terry at NLP World, on the Master Practitioner Training Course. The whole course was well organised and totally and professionally run, I really enjoyed we also had lots of fun. I have to say that I felt extremely supported by Terry his team and my fellow trainees.

The nine days were just fantastic we began as tiny foetuses growing in the womb, after nine days, Terry being the Doctor and his colleagues being the midwifes, helping with our birth.
Fledgling Master Practitioners, we were then encouraged and supported to fly, to leave the womb, grow and thrive opening out hearts and minds to the vast potential that lies within ourselves and others.

I simply had the best time the learnings and knowledge gained will help me and my fellow trainings and the continued support from Terry at NLP World and his Team is extremely valuable.

I would totally recommend him and the team to anyone thinking of undertaking NLP training in the future.

Maggie Irwin
NLP Practitioner

Mirella Menti, 18th Mar 2013

I highly recommend Terry’s NLP course it was a fantastic experience. I really appreciated the small training group which provided a personal atmosphere and an excellent learning environment.
Terry’s outstanding expertise and skills combined with his passion makes it easy to learn a huge amount of NLP and much more.

Mirella Menti
NLP Practitioner

Nicola Yalland, 6th Mar 2013

What a fantastic trainer of NLP!

Terry has so much time for each and every person he meets. He Keeps his courses small and personal. An ideal learning environment.

Terry is hugely experienced and has tonnes of passion for what he is doing.

Thanks for a great week.

Nicola Yalland
NLP Practitioner

Cathy Carstens, 1st Jan 2013

I highly recommend Terry's NLP Course as a must for anyone who is in the business of making the most of his/her life! Terry takes you on a "Language Adventure" that you will never forget!
He has absolute Mastery over his NLP skills so much so that he makes it look and feel like child's play....and that"s when the most learning happens!
I have so much admiration for his Being as he is a Great Presenter and genuinely passionate and humble at the same time. Most of all I love his playfulness and curiosity.
I cannot wait to use and apply all that I have learnt!

Cathy Carstens
NLP Practioner

Le Nel Butler, 18th Dec 2012

I was on the NLP Practitioner course in Cape Town and it was amazing!!
We learn't a lot and each day was a lot of Fun! I thank Terry and his team for a truly great experience!!

Judy Montgomery, 17th Nov 2012

I was looking for trainers a few years ago on YouTube, viewed Terry's videos, and promptly contacted him for a chat. I was so impressed that we traveled to UK for a training. It was so much better than my earlier experiences that I booked again, talked my husband into taking it with me all the way through, and now we are in the process of completing our master practitioner credentials.

What did it? When I viewed him on you tube and talked to him, I sensed this great heart, his passion and commitment to his students to provide the best possible experience. Terry really knows his stuff and he has a way of delivering a training with passion and it sticks nicely afterward! I told him on the first training that I wanted to learn everything he has to teach me so I was going to be around for a while--and my husband feels the same way!

Suzanne Smith, 5th Oct 2012

Terry is an excellent trainer who I would highly recommend to anyone interested in NLP, hypnosis or Time Based Techniques. He really personalized the training for our group (all the participants were already experienced business consultants/trainers) and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and be properly "present". On a personal level, I was very impressed at his skill using Time Based Techniques to get rid of limiting beliefs. It is one of the most powerful and emotional experiences I have ever had.

Emma Taylor, 2nd Oct 2012

I would strongly recommend Terry (NLP World) to anyone that has the slightest interest in any of the services/ training he provides.
I attended the 7 day NLP practitioner course. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the whole experience but I learnt a huge amount (and not just about NLP but about me too!).
This was purely down to Terry's application of the material to the group, he made it all very relevant and real and therefore extremely easy to connect with and retain.
The topics we covered took all of us on a variety of emotional journeys over the 7 days but with Terry guiding us through nothing seemed 'out of bounds'.
I believe his approach and integrity are absolutely key to the success of this training.
The pre course material was pitched perfectly too as you have a good base knowledge of all the key topics before you even arrive on day 1.
Terry has inspired me to continue to develop within the world of NLP and has opened my eyes to the vast potential that lies within this area.
My decision to invest in NLP World, Terry and myself through this course was a fantastic one. The knowledge and skills that I gained through this experience have already added value to me now and I know I will continue to develop in this area due to the excellent foundation that I have been provided with.
Thank you Terry.

Matt Matthews, 2nd Aug 2012

Terry is a outstanding trainer who has a phenomenal approach to training the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I am extremely satisfied and happy that I took my training with NLP world, and would freely recommend them to others.

Matt Matthews
Certified NLP Practitioner

Paddy Tamplin, 20th Jun 2012

When I first spoke to Terry, I had a feeling he might be the person to give me the quality of training I was looking for. I now know that feeling was spot on.
The pre-course study was fascinating and presented in a way that made the study easy and enjoyable.
The training itself with Terry (and Adam Sprackling) of NLP World I can only describe as amazing. The knowledge, the delivery, the examples, and practical exercises, all washed down with a great sense of humour. As well as the learnings, my personal journey (and the journeys of fellow attendees) from that week will stay with me forever.
Throughout the whole week, the level of confidence installed in us from both trainers allowed us all to excel.
All in all, the training with Terry far exceeded my high expectations.

Lucy tara Doran, 10th Jun 2012

From the moment I booked with Terry my life started to change and new doors opened. The course it's self has been the most powerful and energising week of my life. Terry and his team deliver NLP with such wonderful fun energy – Would highly recommend.

Rachel Coffey, 1st May 2012

I trained with Terry as a Practitioner in order to do my MA dissertation last year & have gone on to study for my Master Practitioner with him. What I have learnt so far on the courses has surpassed all of my expectations. The group dynamic is energised, supportive & fun. In the most down to earth, yet inspiring of ways, Terry's work has changed my outlook on life & career for the better. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat!

Rachel Coffey
NLP Practitioner & voice coach

Anonymous, 24th Mar 2012

Terry knows the science and the art of NLP as if he invented it. As a person and a trainer, his knowledge, professionalism, highly intuitive nature and subtle sense of humor always strike me as extra-ordinary. A great teacher!

Jean Goodrich, 23rd Mar 2012

Terry's coaching took me to the heights I knew I could achieve. I've never looked back!

Loreen de Graaf, 22nd Mar 2012

Terry's passion & integrity coupled with his depth of expertise and natural skilled way with linguistics allows for training sessions to expand and open up space whereby individuals are able to "be present" and explore infinite possibilities... this is truly inspiring as it is enlightening. Transformation can't help itself.

Sam Cox Thorpe, 21st Mar 2012

Terry is an outstanding trainer and mentor, deeply intuitive and highly experienced. Terry's training instils quality and confidence and his generosity of spirit is second to none. I recommend training with Terry without reserve.

Sam Cox Thorpe
NLP Practitioner

Milan Zivkovic, 7th Mar 2012

I think that Terry is great NLP trainer, outstanding and generous person. To describe with one word his training and what you can expect is FUN!

Cliff Partridge, 7th Mar 2012

Terry's passion and integrity for NLP can only be describe as masterful.What ever you imagine your Training with Terry to be,it will always be a lot more than that.

Mr C R Partridge.
NLP Master Practitioner.

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