Jenny Halliday

Jenny Halliday

I am a coach and NLP practitioner specialising in moving people from Trauma to Triumph.

I developed an interest in, what do people do after a traumatic experience in order to move forward? I had postnatal depression (among other traumatic experiences, everyone's trauma is unique to them) and afterwards I was a different person but couldn't really work out where I fit into this new being. I became interested in personal development at this point and benefitted greatly from NLP. I was able to remove a lot of the negative feelings I had around my daughter's birth by having NLP. It sparked my interest but it was another 10 years and further experiences that led me to learning how to be a practitioner. And what a joy it has been. You start to see the world in a whole new light. Passing this on to others has been uplifting. When you use language and tools to change a client's thought processes, and subsequently their behaviour, the sense of fulfilment is like no other. 


NLP Practitioner

Trained by Sarah Urquhart

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