Terina Aitken

Terina Aitken

Talk, move forward, reach your goals. Mindset.


So many people will talk about what they can not do, how they wont be able to reach that goal, how other people can not it but definitely not them! It's amazing how quickly we say no, impossible, never in a million years....

Life can send us on many different paths and making the right decision sometimes can feel overwhelming. With the right mindset these situations will become far easier to overcome. With coaching it will become clearer on what you want, how to overcome obstacles and reach that goal you want.

Recently, life has become different for so many people, pressure with work and their home life.  A whole new way of living and maybe this has set a new way of thinking for you. 

If change is what you desire; lets go for it and make that change!

Many people will invest time and money into their business, cars, holidays but NOT themselves. Having a life coach in Not indulgent; it’s a great investment in you.

So, lets talk, move forward and reach your goals.



About me

I have worked in Pharmacy for the past 17 years and getting to a certain age in my life 50! I asked myself the question "What now?"

I have always been inquisitive to why people think they cant do certain things? Whats Stopping them? 

I have worked in many different fields from Travel to Sales to having my own Child Care Business and Party Planner. So I have met lots of different people from all walks of life and I'm amazed how "things" can hold people back. So, with a lot of research and studying I found Life Coaching and NLP and I commenced my development (all be it a bit daunting at the time!)  Coaching is effective and powerful.

                 My style of coaching - professional, friendly, calm and steady.

If you have any questions or need any information please feel free to contact me at feathertma@outlook.com 

I am qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. I have a Diploma in Business Performance and Life Coaching, and a Certification of Practitioner in the Science and Art of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

I am a member of Association for Coaching (AC) The Association of NLP (ANLP) and the UKCPD (College for Personal Development).








NLP Practitioner

Trained by Tony Nutley

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Carl Patterson

Terina Aitken

Terina offered her services to me when I was struggling with some decisions at home and work. I suffer from clinical anxiety and depression and often find it hard to make positive choices and decisions. Terina instantly put me at ease as I had never considered NLP before and I was I admit a bit skeptical, but Terina explained that I would be the one making the choices and decisions and would have complete control, and she would just be guiding me through the barriers that would traditionally inhibit me. This was exceptionally empowering and I was quickly able to cut through the worries that usually plague me when put in this position. I was able to construct a realistic and workable plan that led to some very positive changes in my life.
Thank you Terina.


Very grateful

I am very delighted to have had a chance to experience life coaching sessions with Terina. Her great interpersonal and coaching skills helped me to reflect on my habits and enabled me to make small adjustments which in turn greatly improved my work performance and increased my confidence. From my personal experience having a life coach is very beneficial for both professional and personal life. Terina and I have just started to explore my personal interests and how these can help me to achieve my full potential. Well recommended!

Laura Bugnariu

Brilliant coaching

I’ve had a few coaching session with Terina and I can wholeheartedly say they have made a real difference to overcoming my struggles
Terina has shown genuine care, her inquisitiveness and relentlessness have really pushed me towards achieving my goals.
She has always followed up on the timeframes we have agreed upon together which I would say is going the extra mile.
She is very clever with the questions she asks and always offers a fresh perspective on things, I feel she has made me dig deeper into the issues I’ve presented and give myself some real, honest answers.
Genuinely insightful, truthful and explorative of different angles and perspectives.


My experience of life coaching with Terina Aitken

My very first experience of life coaching was somewhat surreal, as to be honest I never really understood what is was until now. My whole session was quite powerful and I couldn't believe the outcome.
In life certain people are born to do things that fit them perfectly, with Terina I found this was her calling. I was able to map out a plan to succeed in something I have always wanted to achieve ever since I was a teenager and I believe she made that happen for me in the most simple of steps. I was very emotional and I really owe my success in completing my goal partially to her. It will always be a memorable moment to look back on. Terina gave me that confidence and strength to make me realise anything is possible when you truly believe in yourself and realise you can reach your dreams. Terina will most surely be helping in the future and I cannot wait for the next session! Thank you