Covid-19 Update for ANLP Trainer Members

Due to the current pandemic, ANLP have temporarily relaxed their guidelines around delivering training online.

Covid-19 Update for ANLP Trainer Members

UPDATE 19/05/2020
We appreciate that the situation regarding Covid-19 is not improving as quickly as it could and that social distancing is likely to be around for a long time. We are currently working with our Accreditation Panel to explore ways of supporting online delivery of training in a professional and ethical way ongoing, so we can provide an acceptable framework for our Trainers.
A short term solution has been in force since 20th March. We would very much appreciate your patience whilst we develop longer term solutions that meet your expectations and ensure responsible NLP Trainers can continue to deliver quality training in future.


We all find ourselves in unprecedented times and as a result, we are feeling our way into different and more creative ways to operate.

Due to the current pandemic, ANLP have temporarily relaxed their guidelines around delivering training online. Courses delivered between now and September 2020 can be delivered via online methods as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The training is still delivered live (i.e. not a recording)
  • Students must attend the training live, as it is being delivered
  • The training should include all the usual elements it would include if it were being delivered face to face e.g. demos, Q&A sessions, practice
  • There are breakout rooms available for students to practice and be observed practicing – ideally with a supervisor/observer/assistant in each breakout room. The trainer observes ALL students at some point during the training.
  • Ecology check - there must be due consideration for certain elements of the course, that would not be appropriate to deliver online e.g. Timeline
  • Assessment takes place as it would usually
  • There is a face to face assessment/integration element at a later date, before certification is awarded

We know our Accredited Trainer and Trainer members will be vigilant and maintain their ethical and professional standards whilst delivering their training using these 'hybrid' methods. For that reason, any students who obtain certificates from ANLP Accredited Trainers or ANLP Trainer members using these hybrid methods during this time, will still be allowed to join ANLP as Professional Members.

In addition, when using online technology, e.g. Zoom, to deliver training via a video link, there are other practical guidelines to consider:

  • It is important to know the technology inside and out
  • It is much easier to have an admin person who can run the logistics, leaving the trainer free to focus on training
  • Schedule in regular screen breaks that ensure the training environment is as comfortable as possible for all participants – this does mean restructuring your programme schedule to a certain extent.
  • Remember is it just as important to pre frame/contract with students for video training as you would do with face to face training.

We will keep this ruling under constant review, depending on how the worldwide situation develops.

Please do check with your insurance company to ensure you are covered for online training and coaching.

We are offering to hold space for all members who want to stay connected during these challenging times - click here for further details