Questions about NLP

07. How do I select a good NLP Trainer?

Some training companies focus on the business application of NLP while others focus on therapy.

It is important to check this before you commit to a training course. The course you choose will be determined by what you want to do with NLP. NLP is very powerful for many areas of self development including confidence, public speaking, selling, negotiation, relationships, education, health and sports, to name but a few!

Choosing your course wisely requires a little homework but it will be well worth the effort in the long term. Always ask for at least three referees that you can speak to about their experience. 

NLP training should be fun, as we learn more when we are relaxed and having fun in a non threatening environment. It would be useful for you to speak to the main person who will be doing the training if possible. People who do NLP well, model the excellence they promote. They are walking, living, talking examples of the potential of NLP. They are great communicators and you should feel great around them.

We suggest that before committing to a training course, you ask a number of questions

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