Marilou Seavey

Marilou Seavey, Master NLP Trainer & NLP Coach Certification Trainer, facilitates personal and professional change worldwide.

Marilou Seavey

Marilou is the ANLP International Ambassador for the USA and UAE.

Marilou Seavey, Master NLP Trainer and NLP Coach Certification Trainer, facilitates personal and professional change worldwide. She assists people from all walks of life with the interior design of their lives… redefining who they are and getting them on track and “on purpose”.  Her clients include Fortune 500 executives, small business owners, senior political advisors, diplomats, entertainers, and educators.

She has a special ability to create an ideal atmosphere for growth whether she is working with individuals, company teams, or large audiences. Her passionate belief is that she can help people free up something powerful inside themselves… and that it is easier than they think.


Marilou’s work in the field of human potential and her study of NLP for over 30 years has formed the basis of her life’s work. For Marilou, NLP is part art, part science, with an elegance based on the efficiency with which it can create change at any level. She continues to stay focused on pragmatic and useful applications for people in their everyday lives.

At MindBridge International NLP Training Institute, Marilou has been instrumental in creating and developing NeuroShift™, the company’s latest offering, which addresses facilitating rapid change. She has also designed unique one-to-three day “personal retreats” that are especially effective in her intensive work with clients from all over the world.

Marilou holds her Trainers’ Certification from NLPU, the premier NLP research and development institute with Robert Dilts. Her NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certifications were received from the Massachusetts Institute of NLP.

Success Magazine UK featured Marilou in an article highlighting “Who’s Who in NLP” and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPA). Marilou has been interviewed as a leader in the NLP field by The Wealth Creator Source™. She has been an interviewed guest on Siobhan Live Show, Dubai Eye and on Vibrant Living Radio, an Internet and satellite radio station.

Marilou’s extensive travels throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Dubai and Australia help make her presentations stimulating and unique. A NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer since 1982, she presents the NLP Practitioner Training and the NLP Masters Training in Boston, Massachusetts, Raleigh, North Carolina, Dubai and Toronto, Canada.

She is highly respected internationally for her ability as a trainer and her knowledge of the tremendous potential of the human mind. Her skillful presentations and deep understanding of the inner workings of the brain and mind provide her audience with the ideal atmosphere for learning. Marilou is committed to letting people in on the fact that “successful and prosperous living is an enlightening experience.” Marilou is currently responsible for NLP programs delivered by MindBridge International NLP Training Institute.

The company now known as MindBridge International NLP Training Institute began presenting personal and professional development trainings in 1971. During the past 42 years MindBridge has grown to become one of the most respected and leading-edge NLP Practitioner, NLP Masters Certification, and NLP Professional Coach Certification Training Institutes in the world.

Our background is deeply rooted in the NLP model for leading-edge achievement technology and we strive to keep abreast of the most significant developments in the field of NLP and Professional Life Coaching.