Reframing Complaints!

When is a Complaint not a Complaint?...When the complaints procedure is there as a back up!

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Reframing Complaints!

When is a Complaint not a Complaint?...When the complaints procedure is there as a back up!

In the past, it has been suggested that having a complaints procedure is a ‘negative’ because it implies there could be something to complain about. Whilst we understand about focusing on negativity, realistically, regardless of whether or not there is a procedure in place, there are complaints...about all sorts of things, certainly not NLP specifically!

It is human nature to want assurances, a security blanket or a safety net when embarking on a new adventure that could be perceived to be a risk – and anyone investing time, effort and money in coaching or NLP Training may consider they are taking a risk, in their map of the world.

And that is what NLP Professionals are really good at – meeting others in their map of the world and understanding that just because we know NLP works, others may not have the same confidence when they start their empowering journey.

So what if having a complaints procedure was reframed as a positive benefit? What if having a complaints process to fall back on is the safety net that the public might want...the difference that may make the difference in their decision-making strategy...the missing piece of the puzzle that enables them to take the plunge and engage your services as an NLP Professional.

The good news is that having a complaints procedure mean that it’s just like another form of insurance policy for you and your clients...and is very rarely called upon.

The really great news (for you) is that 95% of the complaints raised with ANLP cannot be taken forward...because the person being complained about is not a Member of ANLP!

What does that tell us?

That members of ANLP already sign up to the Code of Ethics, the best practice guidelines and the EPIC values promoted by their professional body, so the public have less reason to complain.

This is a positive selling point and can elevate your position when competing for clients...and it certainly helps to elevate best practice and basic standards in NLP.

So reflect on the benefits of belonging to a Professional body that has an independent complaints procedure in place and remember it is there to protect you as much as your clients.