Resolution Magic

A practical way to reduce unwanted feelings and physical symptoms until they cease to exist.

Resolution Magic ISBN: 978-1844095704

Resolution Magic

By Olivia Roberts

RRP: £3.82

Findhorn Press; Pap/Com edition (15 Jan. 2012)



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A practical way to reduce unwanted feelings and physical symptoms until they cease to exist.

A new therapy for sufferers and for therapists to put into practice immediately.

Accurate descriptions of misunderstood conditions and a comprehensive list of common and uncommon symptoms.

Author has identified electrical impulses sent along the nerves by the unconscious leading to disease and pain - impulses created by unwanted feelings or past experiences

includes 30-minute audio CD with NLP-style self-hypnosis meditation leading to stopping the electrical impulses

CHRONIC PAIN AND DEBILITATING CONDITIONS RESOLUTION describes Olivia Roberts' unique and powerful technique of making unwanted feelings and physical symptoms disappear. Olivia's own, compelling and moving life story unfolds throughout the book. CHRONIC PAIN AND DEBILITATING CONDITIONS RESOLUTION consists of a set of mental exercises that work directly on unwanted feelings and physical symptoms, without requiring faith, belief or a higher power. It involves no affirmations, reading `scripts' or visualisation - and no tapping! So long as the exercises are practised they work, whether the person practising them believes they will or not!

The book is divided into three parts. In the first part the reader learns how to release unwanted feelings. The second part deals with physical and psychological symptoms; the book introduces the theory of Neurological Wave Syndrome to treat the physical symptoms. The final part of the book provides the reader with a new way to change the effects of past experiences.

With over 65 fascinating case histories, the reader effortlessly acquires a great deal of knowledge on how to use CHRONIC PAIN AND DEBILITATING CONDITIONS RESOLUTION. The step-by-step `essential guides' for each exercise allow the reader to quickly begin to make dramatic changes to the rest of their lives. Comes complete with a free 30 minute CD of exercises to enable you to make these dramatic changes in your life.


Chronic Pain Resolution

Chronic Pain and Debilitating Conditions Resolution.
Olivia Roberts £12.99 Findhorn Press
Olivia is an NLP Master Practitioner, alternative pain relief specialist and a psychotherapist. She suffered from chronic fatigue, IBS and migraines herself and after resolving them created ‘Resolution Magic’ programmes to help others.
She talks about how the subconscious creates physical and psychological symptoms and why and how Resolution Magic can make them disappear. The subconscious links thoughts to changes in the body and sends out electrical signals via the nervous system which are the cause of pain. Olivia calls these excess electrical signals the ‘Neurological Wave Syndrome’.

Resolution Magic can alter the habits of the nervous system which cause pain by use of mental exercises telling the subconscious to change the sequence and send unwanted feelings and symptoms away. The technique takes little time and is straight forward.

Olivia devotes a chapter to changing and eliminating unwanted feelings, such as problematic cravings, PMT, anger, dyslexia, frustration, inferiority, fear, and nail-biting. The physical and psychological symptoms which can be eliminated include: IBS, frozen shoulder, ME, knee pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, vertigo, neuralgia, SAD, migraine, restless legs syndrome, and many more with case studies. There is also a chapter on changing the effect of past experiences.

This is a practical, well laid out book with step by step instructions and a CD. Olivia has an easy writing style. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with an ongoing pain issue, and am looking forward to experimenting myself.
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