The Loss Box

The Loss Box is a self-help book that will help those struggling with loss and unresolved emotional pain.

The Loss Box ISBN: 978-1-78306-149-5

The Loss Box

By Judy Lee

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Matador (1 Nov. 2013)

Health and Wellbeing


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This is a book about facing reality with acceptance and compassion. It is about forgiveness of ourselves for wrong turns, forgiveness of others for past hurts, and forgiveness of life for not always doing as we bid. It is about being human. Whether we recognise it or not, loss, in one form or another, is an unavoidable component of being alive. If we do not acknowledge and relinquish our losses, however, they may result in a deep sadness we carry around with us as we age, and which can eventually weigh us down. This new book asserts the presence of a 'Loss Box', which sits beneath our ribs in our solar plexus. It is here we bury our numerous losses, starting from childhood. Eventually, the box fills up and the contents start to fester. Our Loss Box becomes toxic. "At a recent workshop, I learned how to test the auras of others, according to their emotions. When the participants were instructed to think of something sad, it became startlingly clear that their energy field had shrunk. Who wants to go around with a reduced or impaired energy field, due to stored sadness or loss? These losses may otherwise be described as disappointment, regret, change, endings, or goodbyes. Whatever we choose to call them, we can easily do something about the impact they have on our wellbeing," says author Judy. The Loss Box is a self-help book that will help those struggling with loss and unresolved emotional pain.

What a find

I was interested in reading this book because it was not dealing with grief in losing someone as there are lots of books already available on that subject.

I found The Lost Box an interesting easy read. I read it through in the order in which it was written but I know that I will be able to dip into The Lost Box as I need to in the future.

The stories given in the book really demonstrated how the different types of losses affected the individuals but also how by recognising the loss they could possibly deal with it and move on and then remove the loss from the box. Thereby lightening their load.

It was poignant that what may be insignificant to some could be emotionally disabling to others.

Everyone will have losses during their life and these can so easily accumulate in their loss box and yet the individuals may not even realise what they are carrying around, reading this book may help them to unlock their loss box and have a clear out. The exercises in the book will help them.

This book covers several areas of loss and handles the subject matter with compassion and understanding.

I enjoyed the exercises and recognised similarities with a couple of exercises that I use. I have used and recommended my version of exercise one many times. Simple by effective.

I would recommend this book to others who may have regrets or are trapped living in the past or need to recognise their loss and put it in its proper place.

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