How NLP helped Charlotte to cure a life-long allergy to dust

How NLP helped Charlotte move from a lifetime of sneezing to being able to be allergy and medicine-free... living life to the full

How NLP helped Charlotte to cure a life-long allergy to dust

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The challenge

Since early childhood, Charlotte had experienced a range of allergic reactions – particularly to dust. She would have a constant runny nose and sneeze multiple times per day, sometimes 20 or 30 times consecutively. For the first 12 years of her life, she was unable to breathe through her nose. An operation when she was 12 years old improved the congestion and breathing a little, but the sneezing and allergic reactions continued.

The effect

Even as an adult, the allergic reactions continued. Charlotte would have a blocked nose for months at a time and she began to notice that this was worse during times of stress. She was eventually given medication which provided some relief. However, whenever she packed clothes for a holiday, sorted her wardrobe or cleaned a room, the sneezing would begin again and once it had started, it would often last for the remainder of the day.


Charlotte completed an NLP Practitioner course and an NLP Master Practitioner course and became aware of the fact that she could improve her health through calming her nervous system and the power of her own beliefs. She had become aware that, although her immune system was strong against viruses, she had a number of underlying symptoms that seemed to be triggered by stress, the allergy to dust being one of them. At the end of the Master Practitioner course, during which Charlotte had already created some more empowering beliefs around her health, she experienced the allergy model which included eliciting the submodalities of dust and flour and mapping them across. We tested this with some dust from a dustpan and brush but the real test was several days later when Charlotte completely emptied and reorganised her office and did not sneeze once.


Since then, Charlotte has undertaken a number of previously triggering chores – tidying her wardrobe, dusting shelves, packing for holidays and hasn’t had a single sneezing fit. She no longer takes any medication for allergies or sinus issues.

Emma McNally
Emma McNally

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