I wanted it to end well, however it ended. I have the power to do something about it.

He overcame his feelings of being powerless, visualised himself approaching his boss and explaining what he wanted. He got it and more!

I wanted it to end well, however it ended. I have the power to do something about it.

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The challenge

This case study has been written up together with my client and with their approval. To protect their confidentiality, I will refer to my client as J.

J felt let down by his work and not empowered to know how to handle the situation. He had a senior job in sales with a performance related salary. He was generating a lot of good business and making a big difference to the performance of the company but wasn't being paid for things that had been agreed. It felt things were happening that weren't his fault. On top of it his employer was saying things like, 'you'll have to like or lump it'.

The effect

J would come home and rant to his wife about it. He didn't know how to overcome it. He started to get ill and was off work for a couple of weeks. He started experiencing some physical health problems which his wife thought would get worse when he got stressed. The company was expecting him to continue to perform at the same level but it became harder for him to do so. He started to find things out about the company that he didn't like and felt it wasn't going anywhere.

It was affecting his ability to perform and so he started to look for another job. His wife urged him to come and see me.


J showed me the figures and told me what was happening. Using NLP and coaching techniques we developed a way that allowed him to overcome his feelings of being powerless. We also did a NLP exercise which resulted in him taking himself to a time in the past where he had been resourceful and bringing those resources forward. J found that very powerful. It reset pathways in his brain and he realised...you don't have to accept how things have gone... I have the power to change...it doesn't have to be the same.

We visualised him approaching his boss, setting up a meeting and explaining what he wanted. All of this was done over 4 sessions.


J approached his boss and got a lot more than he has visualised!! He says the false evidence had been appearing very real to him. A lot of what he had thought was going to happen had felt real. J had accepted that he would have to move jobs and do something else. This wasn't the case. His boss offered him an increased salary, a better bonus and an increased role on top of the things he had wanted.

J reflects, the sessions we had helps you analyse yourself and look at what you can do and change. It's part of a learning process and growth. It helped him overcome the situation. It was very powerful.

J says, if this happened again, I now know, I have the power to do something about it.

Yvonne Fernando
Yvonne Fernando

Yvonne Fernando is a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach who works with adults, children and organisations to help them make positive change.