Life overhaul

Client felt low and overwhelmed and had lost her identity and purpose along the way. She felt frustrated and had no focus.

Life overhaul

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The challenge

Sophie, a pseudonym to maintain confidentiality, was a lady in her 50s who was feeling swamped by life and couldn’t motivate herself to address the chaos in her house, which she said was overflowing with clutter to the extent that she would be embarrassed to have anyone in. She was married and her 2 grown up children had moved out.

The effect

Sophie was unable to engage with her hobbies due to the clutter and to the feelings she was experiencing as a result, which drained her. She lacked enthusiasm and energy to even take a small step to turn her dreams into reality. In fact, she wasn't sure what her dreams were anymore. She enjoyed her drive to work, because that was the only opportunity she had for time for herself. She was very 'flat' for the first 2 sessions and needed lots of encouragement to fully engage and open up.


Sophie had 8 sessions, during which various coaching models in conjunction with powerful questions and NLP techniques were applied, resulting in new insights. She found the sessions really enjoyable but at times was taken to the edge of her comfort-zone for progression. However, undertaken in a compassionate and non-judgemental manner meant that she thrived.

Sophie gradually gained self-understanding and was able to apply compassion to herself instead of judgement. The application of various NLP techniques throughout the course led to exploration and resolution of various issues that were keeping her ‘stuck’. When using an NLP technique to address her limiting beliefs, and she developed new perspectives which empowered her. This resulted in a new mindset and she acquired motivation which proved a driving force for action to create manageable steps in order to turn her dream into a reality.

Another NLP technique allowed her to mentally practise the new behaviours she wanted, so that she could try it out and see how it felt, awakening her senses within the process. A further NLP technique allowed her to explore dilemmas and conclude that it’s not necessarily ‘either/or’ but that issues that appeared conflicting can actually be harmonised within her life.


Sophie is much happier and fulfilled, holding a deeper self-understanding and self-compassion, and has additionally re-ignited old dreams and developed solid action plans to bring them to fruition.

Feedback: "When I initially decided to have life coaching sessions it was because I felt that I'd 'lost my mojo'. It was a feeling of "Is this it?". I felt I had no clear direction of what I wanted to do with my life and, as a result, had ceased to take an interest in my wellbeing or the condition of my house. In the sessions with Sarah, through non-directive questions she helped me clarify my thoughts and get to the root of my feelings. I established that my poor sleeping habits (staying up far too late) was to have a few moments of my own space. Furthermore, she helped me devise my own plan to create my own art room, where I could spend some time. I'm gradually coming to terms with being able to 'blow my own trumpet' about my achievements, but it's hard to turn over a lifetime of not doing so. Thank you for helping accept that I can do that! I've really enjoyed the sessions."

Sarah Doel
Sarah Doel

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