Weight Loss Success

"I had a never ending struggle with trying to keep fit and healthy whilst eating like I’m never getting fed again."

Weight Loss Success

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The challenge

Client said 'I lost weight with Weight Watchers but I have a never ending struggle with trying to keep fit and healthy whilst drinking like a high functioning alcoholic and eating like I’m never getting fed again. I was really excited to work with Melissa as since changing jobs almost 2 years ago my lifestyle has pretty much fallen out of any of the routine I used to know and love.

I travel a lot more now meaning I have to rely on whatever is marked down in Marks & Spencer’s at the train station and because I’m away from home a lot more, my partner and I tend to ‘celebrate’ me coming home. And like every other good over eater, a celebration for me always means food! A such I’ve piled the weight on. Almost a stone in the last year to be exact.’

The effect

Client said ' I had this target weight of 10st 6lbs in my head, as that was the target weight I was given from my Weight Watchers class almost 14 years ago. That was always ‘the goal’. I know that slimming clubs work for a lot of people so I’m not taking anything away from them, but she was right in saying that they can also instill some bad habits as well.

This 10st 6lbs was only worked out based on the very simple BMI charts that are always hanging in your doctor’s office. My height. That’s it. That’s as scientific as it got. My fitness, or my bone density or my genetics never played a factor into that target. And they certainly didn’t care about my mental health. It was a very black and white process. Lose weight – good. Gain weight – bad. And in hindsight, for me, that’s not a very supportive or positive environment to be in.’


The client had 6 sessions and 2 week meal plan. Everything is tailored to the client and is bespoke to them. I always empower clients by asking powerful questions and giving them choice. We unpick your beliefs and thoughts around weight loss and health and I can be as challenging as you like.

NLP techniques may be used to increase your motivation, reduce the inner conflict within yourself where you are in two minds about something and increasing your preference to healthier foods. I normally start the session with the Disney Creative Strategy to get a clear goal and action plan so we know what to focus on in future sessions.


She said, 'You have changed my life! Well despite having a week off in between my four-week plan where I was away twice and must have eaten my body weight in cheesy puffs, I still managed to lose exactly 5lbs in total. Which is an incredible result for me. The food is so colourful and well-seasoned, I’ve found myself looking forward to meals much more. I’d say over all I’ve been happier, slept better and have more energy.

The biggest factor for me though I think is that before this plan, I was quite simply trying to run off a bad diet. I would eat badly, then try and exercise it off to try and offset some of the damage. Because I’m eating so much better now, if I’m tired after work or want to go and meet someone for tea, I don’t feel guilty for not going to the gym, because I’m eating all the right things anyway. The exercise is just a bonus as and when I can fit it in.’

Melissa Kuman
Melissa Kuman

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