Communication Starts With Oneself Inwardly

I started to reflect on the knowledge and understanding gained throughout my NLP training ...

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Communication Starts With Oneself Inwardly

Posted by Michelle Williams on

During what has been a challenging time for many, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity in the summer to follow in the footsteps of many others, and walked the Via Francigena from Canterbury in Kent, to Rome, Italy. 

Initially, when I set out to make this journey, I intended to run some of the route. However, as I prepared my backpack on the weekend prior to my departure, it soon became apparent that, regardless of my packing (less than) the essentials, I wouldn’t be running anywhere! Despite my reaching this conclusion, I hadn’t fully considered the implications this would have on the journey I was about to undertake and the few loose plans I had made. Moreover, in the absence of any faster-paced running intervals, I was faced with much longer periods of time on my own and I hadn’t anticipated how this would impact on my relationship………. with myself.

Prior to this journey, I didn’t care much for seemingly endless hours of walking or solitude and, after only a short time, I could understand why. Inside my head and in my own company were not great places to be! Having drawn this (somewhat uncomfortable) conclusion, I started to reflect on the knowledge and understanding gained throughout my NLP training and the need to be applying it to this new, exciting (and at times scary) situation. I thought back to my interpretation of NLP and the three parts of the human communication process; together with my understanding that communication starts with oneself inwardly. Realising early on that music, however loud, was not going to drown out my thoughts or the language I was using with myself, never before had it felt so important to better manage these in order to continue on my journey and achieve my goal.

Michelle Williams
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