I am just Me....and I like that!

From lack of confidence and awkwardness to believing in herself, doing new things, speaking up and most importantly being herself.

I am just Me....and I like that!

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The challenge

This case study has been written up together with my client and with their approval. To protect their confidentiality, I will refer to my client as B.

B suffered from a lack of confidence and awkwardness. She struggled to be herself, socialise, talk to people and make conversation.

The effect

She was getting annoyed at herself. As much as B tried not to be awkward, she still was and couldn't overcome it. She couldn't go out and meet new people or put herself out there. She struggled around others. At work she couldn't talk to customers and have a laugh - this was important as she worked in Customer Services. 'Something' was completely holding her back and she felt anxious a lot.

B realised she couldn’t overcome this on her own and came to see me. She really wanted more confidence and to become herself.


B says she didn't really know what to expect but initially found it very helpful to talk about it all.

I helped B identify and find the resources she already had within her which helped her move forward and start being herself. I worked conversationally with her and did some NLP exercises which allowed her to look at what she could have done differently in some past situations and bring that forward. She enjoyed the homework and liked coming back saying, 'I did that!'. B remembers the time she proudly came back and said, 'I can now order pizza over the phone!'.

This work was done over 8 sessions, face to face and fortnightly.


B became a lot more confident in lots of ways. She could be and feel herself around others. She is a lot more outgoing. She thinks less; before she would worry about it - now she just goes and does it. She enjoys doing new things and puts herself out there more, not worrying what other people may think. She is progressing at work, has learnt to drive and been travelling on her own.

B says, "I just do it! It's made me a better person. I'm more willing to speak up and say what I believe in."

B now reflects, I am just Me... and I like that!

Yvonne Fernando
Yvonne Fernando

Yvonne Fernando is a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach who works with adults, children and organisations to help them make positive change.