Life was racing by and we slowed it all down. I got my life back.

She overcame her panic attacks, had some space to think things through, regained a sense of calm and got her life back.

Life was racing by and we slowed it all down. I got my life back.

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The challenge

This case study has been written up together with my client and with their approval. To protect their confidentiality, I will refer to my client as T.

T was unable to take her daughter to school as she was worried about having a panic attack on the way. She had had a panic attack whilst driving and had blacked out. She realised she couldn't carry on like this as it was something she needed to do every day.

The effect

T was having palpitations and couldn't carry on with everyday life. She feared it was going to happen again. The more she thought about it, the worse it got. She couldn't have that as she was looking after children. She felt lost, it wasn't who she was. She wasn't the sort of person who couldn't cope with things. She thought she was going mad and went to see her doctor who reassured her she wasn't mad and referred her to me.


T says that the calm environment I had, allowed her to talk about everything easily. She could answer the questions I asked and could really think about what was going on for her. It gave her the space to think things through for herself and explore what was going on in her head.

We identified a pattern of panic attacks and I noticed a language pattern. She kept using the word 'run'. She felt her life was running away with her and everything was racing. We changed the pattern to something much slower so that she could feel more calm and in control. She used the tools and techniques I gave her. We also did a meditation and created an 'anchor' for her to use in future when she needed to regain that sense of calm. T says, basically we slowed it all down.


The next time she got the palpitations she said to herself 'go on then do it...face it...I know nothing's going to happen...and it went! It felt like someone had poured water over fire. T was Whoa!!!!!! It's gone!! She thought to herself, if I can do that once, I can do it again. It felt amazing. She couldn't believe it.

T carried on using that response with other things. T says, "It changed my life. It gave me my life back".

T feels this type of therapy was a million times better than taking a tablet. It unravelled the problem, it was gone, it heals you....and it carries you forward. It opened up the box to see what was wrong. It makes you realise, you need to stop and listen to yourself. But you have to want it....and she did!

Yvonne Fernando
Yvonne Fernando

Yvonne Fernando is a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach who works with adults, children and organisations to help them make positive change.