You Too Can 'Do' Health

Using NLP technicques, two master practitioners, have created an incredible book which helps anyone, improve their mental health and wellbeing through simple exercises.

You Too Can 'Do' Health ISBN: 978-1904312307

You Too Can 'Do' Health

By Olive Hickmott

RRP: £13.95

MX Publishing; First British Edition edition (29 Oct. 2007)

Health and Wellbeing


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Tackling overwhelming life events like critical illness, trauma and bereavement is both physically and mentally challenging. Using NLP (neuro-linguistic) technicques, two master practitioners, themselves faced with debilitatling critical illnesses including cancer, have created an incredible book which helps anyone, in any situation, improve their mental health and wellbeing through simple exercises. You too can do health, is a book, quite literally written for everyone. Using the tools of NLP, universal energy and the secret law of attraction, you can create your own journey and achieve the health you want. Read the story of one person s journey of self-development and self-awareness, as inspiration for your own health and wellbeing.

You Too Can Do Health

I think this is a wonderfull book full of ideas and resources that we can adopt for both our clients and ourselves. Beautifully written with vivid images and sensory vocabulary.

I have utilized so many parts of this book in general conversation about positive health and in workshops and with client.

I have also use the magical house metaphor in my hypnosis inductions and therapy.

I must have bought 8 - 10 second hand copies at $2- £3 each that I give to my friends and even some clients.

So many learning about how to take positive thought actions to improve wellbeing and health for everyone.

I highly recommend this book.


You Too can 'Do" Health - book review

You too can ‘do’ health! by Olive Hickmott and Sarah Knighton

General Comments:
I work as a Nutritional Therapist/Coach, Professional Mentor and Coaching Module leader at a Berkshire college, and am always looking for new learning ‘gems’ and inspirational material to assist in my work. The title was intriguing and attractive, so hence offering to ‘review’.

I wasn’t very taken with the book to start with, as I found the chemist and Harry interaction a little far fetched, drawn out and somewhat unbelievable. It might have been put off reading the rest of the book had I not had to read it all for a review. However as the book progressed I became engrossed and intrigued as to what the next room would be and how Harry would react.

It is a book suitable for coaches and those being coached. I actually read this book in January, and looking at my notations again to write this review, it makes me realise how much I can use this book as a revision tool for my coaching sessions. I have underlined something on almost every page. I like the little snippets such as p154 ‘changing beliefs is only as hard as you believe it will be’.

To be honest, I am still unsure of Mary’s house, but I like the constant analysis and thinking that I have given it again, on a second review!

Examples of some of the positive points:

There was interesting insight into how a client does/might react to coaching sessions.

The concept/metaphor of physically moving into rooms is great – really gets focus.

I have identified new exercises to try myself and with my clients and students.

There are regular useful skill reminders such as p111 if you can repeat your affirmation…..;

I looked forward to reading the inspirational and thought provoking quotes at the beginning of each chapter;

I like that the ‘intention’ is set for each session;

I like the headings used surrounding in grey background;

Page 31 – really like ‘the gift of time’;

There are some lovely coach expressions used throughout the book which convey a rapportful message to the reader;

The summary boxes that Harry writes down are useful for the reader;

P41 Nice explanation of what a health coach does;
P44 pillars of change;
P55 They describe various …. – like this essence;
P60 Like the technique “I would also like you to think….;
Particularly liked chapter 4 the study – good summary box on p 73, good modeling and analogy on p77;
p90 good insight into client thinking;
p91 nice research resource to use;
p206 – concise stress response description
p210 nice 7:1 breathing exercise
I practice yoga, so really like the energy chapter content
P269 Fats nutrition information is a little dated
P310 like the conscious/unconscious explanations
I am also a reflexologist, so like the meridians and Christmas tree lights analogy

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