Monday 9th December update:

We will be giving all current members a preview of the new website from Friday 13th December to Monday 16th December, before launching on Tuesday 17th December.

This is so that all members get the opportunity to update their profiles and familiarise themselves with the new members dashboard before we launch.

To get access to the new site, we will be sending an email to all members on Friday 13th December - please look out for this and read it carefully, as it contains all the information you need to log in, update your profile and freeze your membership fees at the new rate for life.

Tuesday 3rd December update:

The great news is that all your member information, including your profile, diary entries and reviews have now been successfully transferred over to the new site. It does mean that all member functions, like adding diary events, have been susupended now in readiness for the website launch.

This existing site continues to be the live site, whilst we run final checks and make sure the new site is working as we expect, now that it has a large volume of data to handle. We are also ensuring that all members are correctly linked to their case studies, practice groups etc, which does take a while to implement!

As with all testing and bug fixing, we have no clear idea of exactly how long this will take - rest assured we will be letting all members know, via email and social media, as soon as the new site is open for business.

In the meantime, your profile, diary events etc continue to be easily accessible to the general public - it is just new data that is being held back for now. 

Wednesday 27th November update:

All automated subscriptions paid via Go Cardless have been successfully transferred onto the new Go Cardless system. However, Go Cardless have inadvertently sent an email to all members saying their subscriptions have been cancelled.

Please be assured that all automated subscriptions are still intact and have been successfully transferred to the new website, still operated by Go Cardless. This is merely an administrative error by Go Cardless, which we are addressing with them.

Everyone effected by the Go Cardless error has been emailed by ANLP to confirm their membership is still intact.

As we prepare to transfer ALL your data onto the new website, we will, over the next couple of weeks, be suspending certain functions on this current site.

We will continue to update this page every time another function is temporarily suspended for transfer.

On Monday 18th November, the following functions will be temporarily suspended:

  • Editing your member profile
  • Renewing your Membership
  • Purchasing a new membership

This time period has been deliberately chosen as we are mid month so membership renewals should be at a minimum.

Please be assured that the website continues to function for visitors, who can still search for and view your online profile and see your related membership details.

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