Elizabeth Pritchard

Elizabeth Pritchard

* 1-1 Coaching *Training. It's far easier to stay focused on and achieve our goals and intentions when they come from the wisdom within.

When I was 16, Julie and I escaped games lessons to read poetry behind the coats in the cloakroom at Bath Convent.

We’d stay up all night sometimes - talking about how life worked.

Julie went on to become an artist and I went to Manchester University to study English & American Literature.

Why American? Because some of the American poets seemed to 'say it' in a real way - about that internal experience I was getting very excited about.

Back in Wiltshire after University, I became an English teacher and signed up for an Introduction to Counselling course in Trowbridge. This time the people exploring thoughts and feelings were not friends but people who’d signed up for the course.

I was fascinated, and, of course, carried on ‘talking deep’ to my friends as well.

Then Colin came to rent a room at the farm. There was something very direct about the way he talked to people. It turned out that he’d done one of the Large Group Awareness Trainings in the early 1980s - even larger groups of people talking about 'deep stuff'.

I was fascinated - again - and took the same programme.

Eventually, a telephone marketing business grew out of this programme. This meant that I was now studying communication and experience full time - and I carried on for the next 14 years!

NLP was introduced into the telephone marketing business in 1984. We studied it alongside other communication and personal development methodologies.

That business trained over 400,000 people in telephone sales and customer service - and over 100,000 in management skills.

Today, I have over thirty years of NLP experience and 6250 formal training hours which include programmes with the founders of NLP and other global leaders in the field.

Following NLP Master Practitioner Certification, I took the 20 Day Health Certification, then became a coach for a further 20 Days on that programme.

Joseph and I began to offer our own Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Courses in 1999.

Coaching and NLP Training - to make life wonderful.

Some coaching interventions are simple and some are technical in nature but our objective is to give you something that you can use today. Subjects may include your worries and anxieties, a key relationship, financial concerns, a family issue, your fears, your mood, strategies for excellence, or the power and structure of your communication.

ZPS8 NLP training certifications are recognized globally and are delivered virtually and face to face anywhere in the world, especially in Bristol and Cornwall, UK. Our personal credentials and practical experience are excellent. You will probably be among the best NLP Practitioners in the modern world - intensely practical, friendly, and experiential environments make sure you are.

If you wish to learn more about either Coaching or NLP Training, contact [email protected] or phone +44 (0)7796 048755


NLP Practitioner

Trained by ITS

NLP Master Practitioner

Trained by ITS

NLP Trainer

Trained by Zetetic

NLP Coach

Trained by Ian McDermott ITS

Specialist skills

  • Anger Management
  • Breakthrough Sessions
  • Business Coaching
  • Career Change
  • Change Management Strategies
  • Confidence Building
  • Facilitation
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivation
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Phobias
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Working with Young People (with appropriate vetting)

Spoken languages

  • English

Practice/Training Locations

Bristol (UK) Falmouth, Cornwall (UK) UK

Offers virtual sessions

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Francesca Ellis

Elizabeth is fantastic!

I would 100% recommend Elizabeth. She has helped me tremendously in the area of confidence with music and singing in public. As well as being extremely knowledgeable of NLP, she is also very kind and has a calm presence which helps you to relax and settle into the learning process. Thank you for all your help Elizabeth.


Professional, compassionate and very helpful

I originally took one day course with Elizabeth in Cornwall, which prompted me to do a two day one-to-one in depth meeting with her in Bristol. The setting was nice, and the material we covered proved very helpful. We have had a number of telephone follow-ups to make sure I was on the right track. I feel that I was able to make big changes in my life because of the work I did with Elizabeth, which have helped me enormously. Elizabeth is very professional, and very skilled at what she does, in a kind and compassionate way.

Enriched and transformed

I first met Elizabeth Pritchard in 2004 when I was attending her NLP training in Cornwall and have been a big fan ever since!
In every reconnection whether face to face, telephone or email I am always met with a warm welcome and feel a sense of having arrived at exactly where I am meant to be.

Elizabeth expertly attunes to the emotional music in the inbetween space, holding the moment with respect for my exploration and skilfully tracking the ebb and flow of my processing. She provides a sensitive containment when I have felt wobbly and also sharing my delight in the emergence of the many self-discoveries.

I have a huge, heart felt thanks for Elizabeth for her warm encouragement and for always being generous with her (vast) knowledge and practice of NLP. Both personally and professionally, I am enriched and nourished by every contact I have with her.

I definitely recommend that you follow your curiosity and find your way to Elizabeth!

The best investment

Working with with Elizabeth has been life changing for me. I had no idea how impactful it would be when I signed up over 15 years ago! I also didn't know that I'd have the opportunity to be a part of an ongoing practice group and to come back to course days to enhance my learning and to share my experiences with new learners.

Elizabeth brings generosity and care to her work. She gently guides you, allowing you to be open to exploring new knowledge and ideas as well as bringing in an element of humour.

I was able to use the skills I learnt immediately to make a change to my working practice. I found change was easy as I learned to be curious in a supportive environment. I could say so much more.....

I recommend working with Elizabeth to everyone I know who has an interest in self development or those who are supporting others in their development.

The Magic Stays With You…

I've known Elizabeth for many years. I find Elizabeth's style totally captivating. She has this wonderful ability to foster the most open, nourishing conversations and then wrap it all up into a beautiful summary that stays with you as you float out of the room. It's such a transformative way to learn and grow and the way Elizabeth orchestrates the sessions is seamless. I personally can't wait to see her again. She's helped me to work through situations in my life that were foggy and wearing me down. I felt lighter, aware of my choices and much more at ease with the emotion I was experiencing.

If you're questioning whether to work with Elizabeth - do it. She's fantastic.

Victoria Laloe-holmes

Elizabeth Pritchard, my wonder woman

I love working with Elizabeth, she's practical, grounded and full of techniques and processes to allow me to gain value insight. I have been working with her for nearly twenty years now, I value her work so highly, and have a session with her when I need to think outside the box. If you get the opportunity to do her workshops or a private session with this lovely lady then take it!

Martin Miller

Learning with Elizabeth improved me, my work & how I move through life.

I remember it as if it was only yesterday... it started back in 2005 when I first met Elizabeth. I attended a series of foundation courses on NLP that she was hosting, this is where my interest was really sparked. This naturally led me onto completing a NLP Practitioners course through to 2006 with Elizabeth.

This period of my learning and overall development has played a pivotal role in how I now show up in life, how I carry out my client work, how I parent and how I contribute to my wider community. I attribute my deeper understanding of self, how to communicate with the world and how to hone in on the signals of human interaction, that are ever present as we move through life, in main, to studying with Elizabeth.

I highly recommend working with Elizabeth ether as a client, a student of NLP or maybe a leader of teams. What you will learn and subsequently apply in the process, will bring value to you and those you serve in so many ways.

Zoe Brandon

Elizabeth has really helped me

I had 2 sessions with Elizabeth about 2 separate issues. On both occassions Elizabeth was able to really help me see clearly what was upsetting me, and give me concrete tools to help handle the situation and my reactions to what was going on. She has a lovely energy and is lovely to talk to! I will definately return next time any life difficulties crop up.

Mary Hodgson

Elizabeth Pritchard - highly recommended

I have a great deal of time for Elizabeth Pritchard, who I spent quite a bit of time with a few years ago. Her patient and sympathetic style was great and she allowed me time to reflect on my various problems and work things out for myself. She was good at calling me out when I wasn't being completely honest with myself and provided great guidance and tools to support my own life's journey. Life is a work in progress, and Elizabeth has certainly supported me all the way. Highly recommended!


Powerful, Insightful and Enjoyable

Elizabeth created an uplifting, safe space in which to learn and explore NLP exercises and techniques. She has a lot experience and expertise and her bright and accepting approach made it feel fine when ever it was personally challenging for any of the attendees.

I really enjoyed doing the exercises and got so much from them - insight, clarity, optimism, happiness, energy and motivation.

I also made special connections with the other attendees and delighted in all the belly laughing we experienced together.

I would definitely recommend Elizabeth and doing any NLP with her.

A practical book for everyday sporting use

Reviewing: Sporting Excellence: Optimising Sports Performance Using NLP

Section One - Background - is a good summary of both sports psychology and NLP. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis that this is not about positive thinking.

In Section Two, boxes labelled 'Activity' start to appear - and continue throughout the book. These are clear and useable. Some are recognisable NLP techniques like Circle of Excellence or SWISH and others seem to be created by the author.

Section Three ('Building And Improving') contains Chapter Ten 'Create a Successful Approach' - about Meta Programmes, Chapter Eleven 'Develop Strategies For Success' - some tips on modelling and Chapter Fifteen 'Pay Attention To What Works' - about submodalities.

Section Four is about 'Coaching Yourself'.
In Chapter Twenty Five 'Use Relaxation Techniques', there is a reference to Autogenic Training as an alternative to hypnosis - but why? I feel that a bit more information is needed.

There is a useful glossary and bibliography.

The excellent case study (Andy) on pages 42 and 43, shows the effectiveness of mental rehearsal even without physical practice. I would have liked more of these kinds of stories. The theory is expounded well, and the practical instructions are clear, but the stories of application are missing.

First published in 1999, the references to particular sports people seem dated now.
At the same time, I would have liked to hear more about Kevin Keegan, for example, who is often quoted. What was his involvement with this book? Again, it feels like the 'story part' is missing.

Much needed credibility for NLP

Reviewing: The NLP Professional (2nd edition)

This second edition of 'The NLP Professional' by Karen Falconer, CEO of ANLP International CIC, provides a sensible 'real-world' antidote to the over-claiming, rival-bashing lack of professionalism all too often seen in the hothouse called 'The NLP World'.

She is polite and generous about the diversity available in this 'world' and urges collaboration and co-operation.

Her language is accessible, making this book easy to read as well as honest, comprehensive and well-referenced.

Karen's sensitive and professional manner shines through, especially when she is discussing topics which could be seen as contentious.

Highly recommended for NLP Professionals, both those starting out and those with established businesses.

Two doctors who know what they are talking about!

Reviewing: Smoke-Free And No Buts!

This thin book (63 pages), with cartoon-type illustrations, is an excellent resource for people wanting to stop smoking, or for those helping them to do so. The authors have many years of experience in this field and teach hypnotic techniques to dentists and other doctors.
They separate physical and psychological dependence and deal with each separately.
Published in 1998, some would disagree now about the 'left and right brain' arguments. Nevertheless, 'getting in touch with the unconscious' works as an idea and the suggestions (and proposed script) in Chapter Two support this well.
Chapter Three (Setting Your Goal) makes good use of NLP ideas like timelines, visualisation and association/dissociation.
Chapter Four makes practical suggestions about dealing with the physical side of cigarette dependence.
Chapter Five - on psychological dependency - provides useful scripts and techniques.
Chapter Six is about 'getting conscious' of the habit - for example, it had never occurred to me to suggest people use their feet to smoke!
Chapter Seven - Lapses and Maintenance.
Chapter Eight - Conclusion.
A very good book to read through quickly, then return to when required.

More than an 'introduction'

Reviewing: Reflective Practice and Personal Development in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Reflective practice is a vital part of counselling and psychotherapy training and practice. This useful book reports on what it is, why it is important, and how to use different models for reflection and reflective practice to enhance your personal and professional development, as well as your work with clients.

The book moves from a history of reflective practice through to new models and developments in research, explaining many academic terms on the way. There are also detailed academic references throughout. I've seen it described elsewhere as an 'introduction' but I thought it was more than that!

Useful and practical activities are included, and the book comes alive through pertinent case studies.

I particularly enjoyed reading the sections on supervision and creative writing.

A comprehensive summary of difference and diversity, as it is today

Reviewing: Working with difference and diversity in counselling and psychotherapy

'This book aims to challenge and support you in thinking about differences that you would rather not acknowledge and to reflect upon your understanding of, and attitude towards, those that you do'...(Introduction)

This book is well researched and well-referenced (14 pages of detailed references). Some material is academic, some popular, and I was pleased to see that even novels are included. The index works and is important for quick reference.

The origin of and background to many popular terms like 'white privilege, 'institutional racism' and 'microaggressions' is explored and explained in detail.

Race, class, poverty, religion, gender, sexuality, and disability are thoroughly explored.

Identity is discussed individually, socially, and therapeutically.

The case study examples are frequent, relevant, and helpful.

I particularly enjoyed Chapter 11 Challenges to Communication 'Did you get my message' - about taking care with language, how to contract and working with an interpreter.

This book surprised me!

Reviewing: Adventures In Coaching

Benjamin Dowman chooses an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme for this book on coaching and it works!

The book's very carefully written.

The author's descriptions of coaching processes (e.g. The Grow Model, Perceptual Positions) are both precise and accurate.
It's well organised: Chapter 1 explains exactly what the rest of the book is about, and each chapter ends with a summary of itself.

The concepts described in the book start simply and increase in complexity, chapter by chapter.

There is direct explanation of important ideas (e.g. Contracting, Supervision) as well as metaphors/examples to support that explanation - very thorough.

If it were not heretical to say so, I'd even suggest that it would be possible to coach someone effectively just by following the instructions in this book! :)

I hated social events

Reviewing: Be the Life and Soul of the Party: Socialising for Success

I first met Clare around 1999. At that time, I hated (and feared) social events. Clare surprised me. She didn't talk about how to survive, but how to have fun!

I was one of those 'intense' people, with no idea how to chat! Clare explained that good 'starter' topics could be 'the person's connection with the event' or 'comments about the location (if positive)' (p.143) Lightbulb moment! Less 'I' or 'you' and more 'we' or 'they'! This simple piece of advice has helped me enormously over the last 20 years, and the book if full of many, many more tips like this! I recommend it.

Both a reading and a reference book

Reviewing: Magic of Metaphor: 77 Stories for Teachers, Trainers and Therapists

The book is a wonderful read in itself - cover to cover!

The stories included in this book are practically useful, and (even better!) they are well classified and easy to find again!

The 'Some ways to use the metaphors and stories in this book' section at the back of the book is excellent and can be used as a way of 'getting started with the use of metaphor'.

A book to refer to again and again

Reviewing: Beliefs - Second Edition; Pathways to Health & Well-Being

A comprehensive manual - about identifying, classifying, changing and working with beliefs in many different ways.

Very much about 'how to', this book is full of examples, case studies and instructions.

NLP and health applications are also included.

A book to read, keep, and refer to often.

I hated social events

Reviewing: Be the Life and Soul of the Party: Socialising for Success

I first met Clare around 1999. At that time, I hated (and feared) social events. Clare surprised me. She didn't talk about how to survive, but how to have fun!
I was one of those 'intense' people, with no idea how to chat! Clare explained that good 'starter' topics could be 'the person's connection with the event' or 'comments about the location (if positive)' (p.143) Lightbulb moment! Less 'I' or 'you' and more 'we' or 'they'! This simple piece of advice has helped me enormously over the last 20 years, and the book if full of many, many more tips like this! I recommend it.

The Clean Language Manual

Reviewing: Metaphors in Mind: Transformation Through Symbolic Modelling

I'd say this was a reference book rather than 'a good read'. I'm glad to have it on my shelves. I'm not a Clean Language practitioner, and that's why I find it useful for looking up key concepts.

My favourite NLP introductory book

Reviewing: Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

An easy read. Yet not oversimplified. Joseph O'Connor is a good writer, and this is written rather than just taken from the transcript of a training. All the main points of a Practitioner course are covered, although not in depth.

I use this book often as a reference book

Reviewing: Heart of the Mind: Engaging Your Inner Power to Change with Neurolinguistic Programming

I use this book often as a reference book for working with healing, criticism, grief, shame and timelines. The short chapters are labelled well for reference and I often find something unexpected - a new idea, a new insight. One to have on the NLP shelf.

Andy Smith writes really well on all NLP topics

Reviewing: Achieve Your Goals

Andy Smith writes really well on all NLP topics. Simply put, easy to follow, already recommended to people on my NLP courses.