Spiralling Up

Her way of thinking about life changed from negative to positive, she gained more confidence and trust. It was a weight off her shoulders.

Spiralling Up

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The challenge

B came to see me with deep depression, high anxiety and wanting to find a better place in life. She had been prescribed low anti-depressants.

The effect

The feeling B had was all consuming; it impacted everything in life, her relationships, her state and she was overthinking everything.  B says she felt she was being swallowed up by everything being so negative.  It was just all going one way and there was no option to go another way.


B felt I put a net under her so she couldn't fall any lower.  She felt more confident in moving forwards and started to think and 'be' through that low feeling.

We went through various processes to envision things differently and how they could be.  It was a gradual process. We looked at her childhood and how traumas had effected things. There were lots of things to try out.  The little things helped open her up eg. what could happen if she spiralled up, learning to look up.  We changed her timeline.  My words stayed with her, so when a bad moment arose, words and tips came up that made her realise it could be different now.  As we progressed, we did more to expand possibilities.

Slowly B was able to come off the anti-depressants (with her GP's guidance) and see how she could be without them.

B liked the environment, it was warm, gentle and positive with the sofa and dogs.  B found the way I was with her, allowed her to revisit the traumas and trust the process.  B could open up and be very honest; B recalls thinking, 'She's going to help me turn this around'.


B says it changed her way of thinking about her life. She is now more positive and when challenging things happen, she can stop and think about it in a different state and wait for the answer if it isn't there.  She can let things unravel and unfold and do what she can.

She now looks up.

She has learnt new behaviours and ways to be, which has resulted in confidence and trust.

The trauma she experienced as a child had been so entrenched it was hard to break ... but it has now lifted a huge weight of her shoulders and she has realised it's not all down to her. It had been really painful to be in those deeper places that brought her down.

B can now also create boundaries and recognises she doesn't have to do it all. She makes and takes time for herself which feels good.

B says she is now thoroughly and firmly in the present, can enjoy it and can look forward.

As I listen to her now, I notice how very different and more calm and happier she sounds!  We like it.

Yvonne Fernando
Yvonne Fernando

Yvonne Fernando is a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach who works with adults, children and organisations to help them make positive change.