Achieve your Dreams

Mark shares how he achieved his life time ambition:

Mark had a dream to develop a short movie that could influence disaffected children in schools around the UK, then Europe and then the World. Mark was working for Stevenage Council when he attended his first NLP business training delivered by David Key in 2005.

It was during his training that Mark used an NLP process designed by David Key called the NLP PRESENT (which creates a pseudo disorientation in time using timelines, future pacing, well formed outcome questions and movement) and was designed to enable Auspicium students of NLP to create very compelling goals, Mark made his goal even more exciting by deciding he wanted to create his short drama and enter it into some Film Awards because he had another dream. He wanted to win a Hollywood Award for his film!

In 2007 Mark's film, "One of Us", was selected by the Beverly Hills Film Festival from thousands of entrants. He was down to the last 5 when he received a call from the organisers of the Beverley Hills Film Festival. They flew Mark and his film collaborators first class to Hollywood and YES... to his surprise and amazement, his film was awarded WINNER of Best Short Drama 2007.
So, you see, you can achieve amazing things if you just start to believe it's possible and you're capable and most of all that you're worthy of success! (whatever that means to you)

Submitted by David Key, Accredited Trainer Member

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