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Emma McNally

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Phone Number01245 658323
Practice/Training LocationsChelmsford, Essex

Emma McNally is an ANLP Accredited NLP Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner.

“Have you ever wanted to be more, to achieve more or just to be happier? If so, then I can help you to discover how; to become the person you want to be, to become the best version of you.”

She runs the Achieve Your Greatness School of NLP which delivers 'Introduction to NLP' (1 day) courses through to NLP Diploma, Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Business Practitioner Courses. Her style of delivery is engaging and inclusive, ensuring that all learning preferences are accommodated. She works with smaller groups which allows each and every person to learn at their own pace.

She can help you to open your eyes to what is possible by sharing with you the tools to enable you to make the changes you want in your life.

She will teach you techniques to overcome barriers, tapping into resources to help you to achieve your desired outcome and gives you the opportunity to take ownership of your life and become the person you want to be.

Emma's courses are interactive, enlightening and effective – you will come away with new ideas, new ways of looking at situations which you may have struggled with for years and discover your own resources to move forward.

She is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals and believes that, with the right tools to support you, your journey to success will become far more rewarding.

Emma also has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring Certificate and has over 25 years business experience both within the private and public sectors, with a strong focus on leadership, transformation, change, learning and development.

"Excellent course, such energy, making it so engaging. Just brilliant. Emma puts so much energy into this course, the experience is breath-taking." Ian, June 2017.

"Excellent course. It has changed my life. I am now able to know I can always find resources within myself. Not just changed myself but the ability to help guide others." Suzanne, June 2017.

"Amazing content, such an eye opener. I learnt so much." Philly, June 2017.

"It has been amazing. It has helped me lots. I feel free and feel empowered and in control." Linda, June 2017.

"Excellent course - made me think. Learnt about myself and the great team I am working with." Brian, June 2017.

"Excellent course - fantastic." Jane, June 2017.

“The course was inspirational. I wished I had known this years’ ago; it would have made such a difference in my life.” May 2016

“I found it incredibly useful and motivational.” May 2016.

“Thank you for the session, I actually feel at peace for the first time in... forever.” Nov, 2015


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