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I first got curious about NLP on a presentations workshop ten years ago when I experienced the power of ‘anchoring’. I had set up a training company which meant I would need to stand up and work with groups; this was not something I relished, coming from a background as a written communications consultant in the IT industry.

I found myself on stage during this training in front of 120 people and learning how to take the exhilaration I felt on the ski slopes into a business environment. At the start of every workshop I wanted to feel the excitement of a wonderful day ahead, and not facing a group quaking in my boots. Anchoring proved magical for me. I was able to transport the skiing experience into the workshop experience. I was left not wanting to leave the stage – in fact I was disappointed that I couldn’t help run the rest of the training.

So then I thought: ‘If this is how NLP can change how I anticipate something I feel nervous about, I’d like more.’ I went on to do many more training courses, ultimately changing my profession into that of an executive coach. On the way I have written three books based on NLP – that wasn’t in the plan – and now a fourth one is in production.

I can truly say that learning about NLP and making it practical, has transformed the quality of every aspect of my life. Now I really love my work and the rest of my life is fun and energetic. You can tell I’m a fan!

Submitted by Kate Burton, Professional Member

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