Confidence Building using Life Coaching

Jody* came to coaching at a time when she was feeling quite low. She really wanted to be herself, and to do what was important to her, but felt she was doing what others wanted her to because she lacked confidence. She was really afraid of putting herself forward, and this was getting in the way of her business, her social life and even how safe she felt when she was outside her own house.

We started off by exploring what it was that Jody wanted to happen, how would she like things to be different? This gave Jody quite a lot of information about how she was feeling, and how her different challenges connected.

We spent three hours together, spread over six weeks. During that time we:

· Developed ways that Jody could manage how she was feeling, for example helping Jody access positive ways of feeling whenever she wants to, and ways of dis-engaging from her feelings when she was feeling down

· Talked about Jody’s beliefs, finding out where she was limiting herself and finding new ways to think about these things, leaving Jody able to re-frame her own thinking when it was not helping her towards her goals

· Explored Jody’s timeline to make sure the past was supportive and resourceful, and the future was attractive

Jody felt she had met her outcome after our three sessions. She was now confident and happy to leave her house. She had started to take positive action to get her business back on track, and had started to take part in social activities again.

Shortly after coaching finished, Jody said:

“Life coaching with Fe has made such an impact on my life. In just three sessions she has set me free from my fears and the results in both my personal and business life have been incredible. I have so much positivity and confidence now, combined with tools and skills to keep me focused and moving forward.”

Six months later Jody reflected:

“It was my perspective that was the issue, not the situation. Having realised this and that I am more than capable of coping and dealing with these feelings of expectation I feel ready to really fulfil my potential now.” Jody is thinking of going back to University to pursue a career in law.

*Name has been changed to protect client confidentiality

Submitted by Fe Robinson, Professional Member

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