Travel Fears

I worked with a travel writer from a leading woman’s magazine. She had a major fear of walking down the road, crossing the road, supermarkets and being a passenger in a car. All of this was a big problem for her, especially given her profession and that she lived in crowded Central London!

I spent 30-45 minutes asking some questions to spot what was the cause of this ‘fear.’ As is often the case, it was as a result of a ‘decision’ made unconsciously when she was young, plus some emotional baggage that she was holding on to. As with the vast majority of people, she was holding on to past-related anger, sadness, fear and guilt. We spend an hour or so doing an advanced NLP technique called Time Line Therapy™.

By the end of this, she had cleared her ‘baggage’ and the ‘decision’. To test it, we went for a 30 minute walk around London. She was extremely calm about the traffic and crossing the road, and we went into a supermarket and she was fine too. She imagined a forthcoming car journey she was about to make as a passenger, and she was without her usual jitters.

She wrote about her experience a year later in the magazine she worked for, confirming that the old problems had not returned at all.

Submitted by Jeremy Lazarus, Accredited Trainer Member

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