Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

For several years I have been suffering from an incapacitating type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) leading to insomnia, palpitations and stress induced cold sweats at night. On the advice of a friend I purchased the Virtually Perfect `Reduce Stress and Anxiety` CD and have now used it on several occasions. Since starting the programme I have noticed a tangible difference in my ability to relax and deal with stressful situations at work and, most importantly, it has afforded me the ability to gain a restful sleep.

Stuart MacCormack is a talented coach; do not be put off by any concerns you might have about simply listening to a CD, his style of delivery is exceptional and warm allowing you to believe that he is in the room and the session is very real. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the coaching on the CD and have made significant progress in conquering my anxiety and PTSD.

JS, Oxford

Submitted by Stuart MacCormack, Professional Member

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