Advanced Presentation Skills

The brief – Richmond House Group consultants asked me to work with them to increase their confidence when presenting to clients and at seminars. Before speaking delegates felt anxiety, nervous lack of control over breathing when presenting and uncomfortable.

Benefit/Result – increased confidence, clarity of structure and better ability to focus on presentation content. Delegates are now much happier and more confident in regularly presenting to potential clients and large audiences.

• Quote from the training day: “From the presentation I learnt and excellent structure to enable me to give any presentation at any time. I feel more confident and now I’m not worrying about the presentation. I can just relax and focus on giving a really good presentation. Danielle Fagot

• Quote since the training day: "I did my presentation yesterday - the one I was preparing for and it went really well. I used the Speaker State and didn't feel nervous at all. You ideas have really worked. Thank you so much for all your help." Danielle Fagot CertPFS - Financial Planning Consultant

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I believe that combining NLP with other business skills offers the best of both worlds, delivering businesses and teams long term and effective change.

Submitted by Dee Clayton, Trainer Member

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