I'm a nurse and I cannot take blood!

1. Please describe the issue/problem which caused you to look for help?

For 7 years I had issues with taking blood (I am a nurse).

2. How did this issue/problem affect you/your life?

I would dread the times when I knew I had to take blood – and would lose sleep the night before. When the occasion eventually arrived I would shake and sweat and feel often on the verge of tears. My hands would sweat further impeding my dexterity. I felt bad about myself that I was unable to perform this simple task that even untrained colleagues were able to perform. Eventually I decided to stop putting myself in the position where I had to take blood – i.e. avoided the issue. However, this merely underlined the problem and made my self esteem even lower.

3. How did you find the therapy session?

Exhausting! I think I experienced a whole gamut of emotions from being on the verge of tears to elation.

4. What has been the result of your therapy and how has it impacted your life

In a move that goes beyond the call of duty my therapist invited me to take his blood at the end of the session – this I did successfully and without any of the previous symptoms. So now I know I can do it and I have a tube of his blood in my fridge to prove it!
Illness and annual leave have prevented me from further practical applications – but I am eager to get to it and no longer start to tense up at the thought of taking blood.

5. How satisfied are you with the result on scale of 1 to 5 (1=not satisfied to 5 =very satisfied)


6. Would you recommend Dave Bottone to friends or colleagues who would benefit from NLP therapy

I have already!

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