Case Study Manufacturer "A 27% increase in turnover."


A £10M Manufacturer based in Leeds had been bought out by its MD. This MBO was brought about because the previous management team wanted a change in their direction. This company needed a fresh approach which was recognised by the MD. The potential was there, however not fully realised. One of the Directors initiated some coaching with Saxton Partners off their own back, and in so doing paved the way for the company to have a ‘test case’ before following suit.

The company is a manufacturer with a ‘leading edge’ in the shower tray market. The aspiration of the MD was to move this company from £10M to £25M in 5 years with the 'right' strengths on board. He knew he had to do something different to get something different. It was clear he cares about the team and he wanted to do his best for them. This was the challenge – he was enthused by the possibilities, would the team he believed in reveal the potential that was needed?

One of the outcomes for the company was for them to be a household name in their market sector. Another outcome was that the Directors were to be developed so that their team working skill and individual emotional resilience would take them to another level. This new level would be achieved by greater awareness and understanding of themselves and each other and their interactions.

What did we do?

Using CORE® to gather the data on values and beliefs in the team, there were some questions posed by the Directors around what the findings meant for them personally and professionally. This is part of the process and created greater understanding and flexibility. They were shown how one value system interacts with another value system. This raised awareness about what that means for all, and understanding the ‘coaching’ required to move on. It was agreed each Director would have their own coaching package on a guaranteed results basis. By having this greater awareness and knowledge, this enabled the Directors to form better working relationships with others around them.

To benchmark and chart their development, the initial findings were noted and agreed as a ‘Test’ for whether the interventions had worked. The Board had a good mix of Values. However their beliefs were in some cases limiting their performance. These beliefs were a drain on the individual, and were unhelpful in their work and private lives.

As coaching took place the team evolved and revealed a new set of strengths, as they planned their way forward to address the challenges ahead.

The Result?

The Motivations (Values) and On/Off switches (Beliefs) were revisited by the Team after their individual coaching sessions had been completed. A second team matrix was produced and compared with the original one. The changes were quite dramatic.

What was discovered was that most of the limiting beliefs on performance were ‘binned’ by the Directors through the process of being coached and new awareness, and fantastic leadership by the MD. This act alone allowed a greater flow of energy and drive for each individual. They were no longer holding themselves back in dealing with certain issues, and their true potential for some, being seen for the first time. It also helped them in their personal
relationships creating better understanding for all.

For one Director the removal of these limiting beliefs created a situation where he found motivation in three new values systems.

In every single Director there was a shift in their thinking. A shift in their mind set. The team is now even more cohesive, fluid, flexible, and effective. The decision making process in the Boardroom is now much goals and outcomes for the company and it has already contributed to a 27% increase in business . We are now in
the top 100 fastest growing businesses..

“It is not just the increase in business that’s the main factor. The
improvements made were also in working practices and profit margin.
The process of development for the whole team was challenging.
It became a journey of both personal and professional development
for all of them. I can honestly say that there has been, and continues
to be, significant improvements in our interaction with each other.
Resulting in a more cohesive and productive team. The management’s
individual and group time with Saxton Partners has made a tangible
difference to our business”.

PC - Managing Director

Submitted by Sonia Saxton, Accredited Trainer Member

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