Confident Presentations

A dentist decided to seek help the day before a presentation to 200 dentists. The client’s concerns were that there were going to be 200 men, and they were all going to be ‘judging’ her.

We did some ‘anchoring’ work, which essentially gets the client to

1. access times when they were confident, powerful, motivated, happy or in an other ‘resourceful state’ that would be useful for the event in question.

2. capture those ‘resources’ and link them to a particular movement e.g. pressing thumb and index finger together

3. run a movie of the future event in question (i.e. presentation to the dentists) so that the clients sees herself doing the ‘event’ perfectly with all the resources needed

4. activate those resources when necessary

After 15 minutes, the client said ‘I can’t wait to do my presentation tomorrow!’

‘And what about those 200 men judging you?’ ‘I don’t care about that.’

The talk went brilliantly for her, even though there were some last minute changes to the schedule which would have previously made her extremely anxious. The talk went so well that a journalist in the audience asked for an interview, and her picture appeared on the front page of ‘The Dentist’ magazine the following month.

Submitted by Jeremy Lazarus, Accredited Trainer Member

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