Curved Paper Distraction

Gary came to me with what he thought was a most unusual fear. He was terrified by rolled up paper. The end of a writing pad, a flipchart roll, even a newspaper in his letter box.

It took him ages to tell me what the issue was, he seemed embarrassed at first. But as we settled into the first session, he began to relax, it dawned on him that this was a place where he was safe from judgment or criticism, and it was the first time he'd ever told another human being about this issue.

As the session unfolded he explained the extent to which this problem was plaguing his life. He felt he had to arrive early to meetings so he could get a seat where he wasn't staring directly at the paper roll of the flipchart and consciously averted his eyes from neighbouring pads and even napkins. After a small number of visits, and using Timeline Therapy in conjunction with NLP, we helped Gary pinpoint the exact moment that he decided that rolled up paper was scary. He got the learning from the situation in an instant and the relief was not only visible on his face, but ricocheted through his body. His shoulders dropped, his jaw relaxed, his arms lengthened and as he stood up to leave he just looked so confident and free.

He came back to see me a few months later, simply to say thank you. His life had changed for the better in so many ways and now he enjoyed the thrill of occasionally being late to a meeting. He'd also met a new partner and had recently started to learn to dance.

Whatever the issue, you can be sure of a sympathetic and non-judgemental support with your NLP therapist. Very often when something is not flowing in your life, it takes up energy to manage. This can divert potential away from other aspects of your life and development. Getting things dealt with frees you up, and can help your life flow. Secrets cost you dearly.

Submitted by Will Thomas, Professional Member

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