NLP introductory course

I signed up for the NLP course after a recommendation from a colleague who described it as ‘life-changing’. I was not disappointed.
As a practising GP, Jo understands the pressures we face every day and the challenges involved in our professional lives. The course was engaging and interactive from the start with Jo allowing delegates to set the agenda, making the areas covered relevant to our needs.
We learned techniques for helping patients which are practical, easy to teach in a ten minute consultation and actually work!
Jo also addressed our own personal needs, giving us tools to help our resilience and allowing us to reflect on our general life aims.
I have already used some of these tools in surgeries and practised techniques for improving my own focus, energy and confidence.
I will be reaping the benefits of this day for many years to come and recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to attend one of these courses grabs it with both hands.
GP Yorkshire

Submitted by Jo Waddell, Professional Member

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