Anxiety and Panic attacks

Client A. Female 43yrs
This client had had a serious horse riding accident two years ago. She had been thrown into a ditch and was there some considerable time with a fractured neck. She had to be air lifted to hospital. As a result, two years on, she was experiencing panic attacks and nervousness when riding….to the point where she could no longer go out of the field on her horses or participate in riding Events as she had done before.

The anxiety and stress had become so great that it was effecting her ability to function in other parts of her life, panic attacks were now effecting her day to day life.

Two weeks after a 2 hour NLP session, with my self, she bought a new horse and was riding confidently, even looking forward to going back to eventing. The panic attacks had subsided, and she had new coping strategies to help her through any future problems.

Submitted by Sarah Jane Wood, Professional Member

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