A huge dark weight lifted

"I had been asked to take part in a coaching session and was asked to come with a genuine issue that I wanted resolve on. I had no idea what to expect or how it was going to work, my feelings quickly dissipated and I was made to feel completely at ease with Sam and his confident manner throughout the whole process.

I was shocked that the issue I went in with and wanted to change was not the issue at all, through Sam's supportive coaxing and positive approach he was able to truly pinpoint a deep rooted, traumatic and clearly emotional issue for me that had been locked away. Sam's coaching made me feel completely confident in his ability and as a result this has had the most profound effect on me with my children and my relationship with them since the coaching session. Its almost as if a huge dark weight has been lifted from my inner self (strange I know). I cant thank Sam enough for the positive effect this has made to not only me but my family life as well.

I will definitely be using Sam for any future coaching sessions and cannot recommend him or his ability enough."

Submitted by Sam Dyer, Professional Member

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