Panic Attacks

When I contacted Diane I was at my lowest. Because of my severe panic attacks, I had no life; I couldn't go out, couldn't do things with my family, I couldn't even take my daughter to school. No-one wanted to know. Phoning Diane was my last hope.

As soon as I spoke to Diane I knew she understood and would help me. I must admit, I felt so bad I didn't think it would work. But I needed to get better no matter how much it cost; I had no life, so I trusted Diane and she gave me my life back.

The first day I walked my daughter to school I felt on top of the world, she was so happy. I've never looked back. The Breakthrough Session was the best thing I've ever done. I am more positive than ever before. I've been everywhere. I have my life back. I even went to New York! I never think about before - I'm back to me and it's amazing.

Submitted by Diane Oxborough, Professional Member

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