Flying Fear

hadn’t flown for over 20 years, since I was 17. My Fear of Flying was now affecting me on a daily basis. As well as severely curbing my holiday options, I would now look up every time a plane flew over, and experience that too familiar panicky feeling, a dry mouth, jumbly tummy and that inner voice, which pitied the poor people in the plane and worried about them being trapped!

Funnily enough, it was lack of cash that ‘forced’ me to do something about My Fear. I needed to go to Southern France for a meeting with a client. At the time, Eurostar was going to cost me over £400 and Easyjet was £20! So I booked the flight, even then thinking that if I didn’t overcome my fear, it’s only £20 down the drain!

I then had some help from an NLP Professional, who had me creating many useful strategies that could help me overcome my fear. Even realising that I could control my thoughts, rather than have them controlling me, was hugely empowering.

So two weeks after my session I boarded that plane to France, together with my anchors, visualisations and other strategies...and we all got off safely the other end, just as I had been asked to imagine!

And since then, I’ve been to Cuba on my honeymoon and enjoyed many family holidays abroad. I don’t actually use many of the strategies now, I just jump on the plane and look forward to my holiday...and now when I look up and see a plane in the sky, I think ‘Lucky them, I wish it was me’.

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