Driving Phobia

“For the previous 20 years before my session, I’d had an aversion to driving a car. I’d battled with it unsuccessfully on and off over the years to try and overcome. I’d come to a stage where I needed to tackle the situation once and for all and, as I seemed to be making little progress on my own, I started to consider alternative ways of overcoming my situation.

Having never tried anything like this before, I was a little unsure if I would actually gain anything from the process and if it would work for me. In reality, the sessions achieved everything I had wanted and more, so therefore were more than I’d expected but exactly what I’d hoped for.

The pre-session tasks were tailored specifically to my situation, simple and very effective. The session itself was quite easy, relaxed and insightful and the post-session support was of great help.

I overcame a fear of driving and within a very short time I am now able to drive quite confidently and calmly on a daily basis. This has meant that many aspects of my life have changed for the better and I think they will still continue to improve for some time yet. In the future I’m sure I will be calling on Diane again as her sessions are such a positive and rewarding experience that I’m sure it can be applied to many aspects of our daily lives.”

Submitted by Diane Oxborough, Professional Member

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