Stress Related Anxieties

It was great to see you on Thursday & thanks for your time...lots of food for thought for the journey home!! ...Well, what a change. My partner noticed an immediate change in me as soon as I got in. He even thought I looked perhaps I should see you monthly & I could stop all those creams etc every morning!!!

Seriously though, I have not bitten my fingers since seeing you. Weird but good! I seem to have an almost permanent smile, and best of all...I went to work yesterday & left the tea tray on the side, rather than emptying it and tidying it away...I am sure you are not interested in these details but they were so significant to me. As yet today I haven`t even started my usual frenetic rush to get the housework done...but its not even bothering such a huge thank you, I can`t explain how different I feel - I'm certainly very much more content and relaxed.

Submitted by Kevin Laye, Trainer Member

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